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* 76 S.A. - Battle of the Bastion - Pyrrhic Balian Victory
* 76 S.A. - Battle of the Bastion - Pyrrhic Balian Victory
* 76 S.A. - Battle of Senna Circle - Pyrrhic Balian Victory
* 76 S.A. - Battle of Senna Circle - Pyrrhic Balian Victory
* 76 S.A. - Battle of Norlandic Fields - Pyrrhic Norlandic Victory
* 76 S.A. - Battle of the Raenr Canal - Pyrrhic Norlandic Victory
== Timeline ==
== Timeline ==

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War of Settlement


Date: 75 S.A. - Present
Place: Grand Duchy of Balian & Kingdom of Norland
Result: Ongoing
Balian & Allies:
balian.png Brotherhood of Balian
norland.png Kingdom of Norland
Nashifah Confederacy:
Nashifah Brotherhood
Commanders and Leaders
balian.png John I, Grand Duke of Balian
balian.png Ledicort Vuiller, Magister
balian.png Jarad Munnel, Legate of Balian
norland.png Ragnvald Eiriksson Ruric, King of Norland
Ca’id Shaffan of the Nashifah Confederacy
Bashar Aradah of the Nashifah Confederacy

The ‘War of Settlement’ is an ongoing conflict between the Grand Duchy of Balian, their Norlandic allies, and the Nashifah Confederacy, the original inhabitants of the Balian region. The war has witnessed several small skirmishes, some within the Capital of Balian, Atrus. The primary cause is the settlement of the city itself; the Nashifah, while a nomadic people, lay claim to the territory by ancestral right - stolen, when the Imperial remnants forced them out and constructed Atrus, C. 1869. Talks were briefly held in St Lothar's square but broke down quickly as emotions ran awry on both sides, resulting in an impromptu siege of the Ducal Courtyard. While they were forced from the city, the Nashifah managed to wound several dozen citizens, soldiers, and the Duke himself. A warning was given to the inhabitants of Balian by the young Bashar (Prince) Aradah - that the tents of his people would be put out, and a war waged.

Skirmishes, Battles, and Sieges

  • 75 S.A. - Battle of the White Lily Tavern - Decisive Balian Victory
  • 76 S.A. - Siege of Monterosa Courtyard - Decisive Balian Victory
  • 76 S.A. - Battle of the Bastion - Pyrrhic Balian Victory
  • 76 S.A. - Battle of Senna Circle - Pyrrhic Balian Victory
  • 76 S.A. - Battle of the Raenr Canal - Pyrrhic Norlandic Victory


  • 75th year of the Second Age:
    • Outside of the White Lily tavern thirty Chouhada (‘Natives’) gather to enter Balian.
    • The Grand Duke orders them to leave at once as he sees hostile intentions brewing, this sparks the Battle of the White Lily Tavern.
    • Battle of the White Lily Tavern draws 2,700 Balians to arms to fight the Nashifah numbering three hundred and fifty with all but twenty Nashifahs being slain; it is a decisive Balian victory. Shortly thereafter the Nashifahs commit suicide in their cells rather than be subject to execution.
  • 76th year of the Second Age:
    • The Nashifahs regroup outside of Balian and slowly march in over the course of the day eventually during the night seizing the NGS and constructing an impressive wooden wall.
    • After the Nashifahs seize the NGS and Ducal Library during the night, the Grand Duke looks over the gardens and issues a call to arms alerting his Norlandic Allies to come to Balians aid. This results in the Siege of the Monterosa Courtyard. Balian and Norland rally 3,500 men while the Nashifahs inside had 1,500 men at hand. The Siege lasts for several hours when finally Sir Jarad Munnel lights the wall on fire resulting in a massive push by the Balians which ends the battle in a decisive victory. Following the battle, the Nashifah Bashar is captured and briefly put on trial before being thrown in jail and his guards executed.
    • The King of Norland publishes a missive entitled 'Your Home No Longer' which results in the Sa'id of Nashifah issuing a warning to those of Balian.
    • A single Brigade of Nashifah Footmen is dispatched to the Grand Duchy of Balian to rescue their captured Bashar, word reaches the Brotherhood and they send out a total of three hundred soldiers to deal with the threat. Fighting ensues and the entirety of the Nashifah brigade is slaughtered while the Balians suffer heavy injuries with two hundred men being treated for stab wounds from the initial charge of Nashifah.
    • A Nashifah brigade detachment numbering six hundred is dispatched to Balian with the mission of capturing a civilian and building to demand the Bashar back. They were met with seven hundred Balians and fighting ensued in which all the Nashifah were slaughtered while all seven hundred Balians were injured with five hundred being deemed severely injured.
    • The Nashifah Brotherhood detaches a single regiment of soldiers towards the Kingdom of Norland the two armies collide at Raernland. The Nashifah rally 7,200 men while Norland and her allies rally 1,200 men. The battle lasts for nearly three days with arrows flying before the regiment of the Nashifah break and 1,200 men flee the battle retreating towards Southern Almaris. This becomes known as the Battle of Norlandic Fields