War:War of Orcish Submission

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The War of Grudges

Siege of The Krag.jpg

Date: 1579-1580
Location: War Nation of Krugmar, Tahn, Axios
Result: Imperial victory
  • Complete destruction of the War Nation of Krugmar
  • Orenian expansion onto the island of Asul
  • The scattering of the Orcish race
Holy Orenian Empire and Allies:
imperialorenia.png Holy Orenian Empire
DominionSeal.png Principality of Laureh'lin
War Nation of Krugmar and Allies:
KRUGMARFLAG.png War Nation of Krugmar
Holy Orenian Empire and Allies:
imperialorenia.png John III, Holy Orenian Emperor
Haense Arms.png Peter, King of Haense
LorraineSavoy Arms.png John, Archduke of Lorraine
SavoyCoatOfArms.png John, Duke of Savoy
LancefeldCoatOfArms.png Lord Draken Lancefield
Ser Rickard Barrow
DominionSeal.png Prince Tristan of Laureh'lin
DominionSeal.png Artimec Camoryn
War Nation of Krugmar and Allies:
KRUGMARFLAG.png Vorgo, Rex of the War Nation

The War of Orcish Submission, 1579 to 1580, was a conflict waged between the Holy Orenian Empire and the War Nation of Krugmar, stemming from the Empire's victory in the Krajian Rebellion. It was fought over Emperor John III's desire to see the War Nation, a signatory of the Axis Treaty, punished for their role in the attempted destruction of the Empire. John III hoped, given a resounding Imperial victory, to deter the formation of any future coalition set on destroying the Empire.


Following the end of the Krajian Rebellion, the citizens of the Empire were filled with nationalistic fervor. The Empire had survived the world war that had defeated a united humanity in previous generations including the Zion War from the realm of the Fringe. Many rejoiced in an Imperial victory against a coalition comprised of the nations of the entire world, and called for retribution against the signatories of the Axis treaty. These calls from his people, and a general desire to improve the Empire's standing in the realm, led John III to seek reparations from the Empire's former enemies.

By the late 1570s, the orcs of the War Nation had been actively enslaving citizens of the Dominion of Malin, taking them from their homes in open daylight. Following several weeks of failed attempts by High Prince Tristan to halt the slaving, John III issued an ultimatum to the Rex of the orcs. Diplomacy failed, and orcish brutes continued their practice of slavery targeting not only elves, but humans as well. This act angered the many vassals of the Empire, whose cries for military action against the uruks grew stronger, forcing John III to declare war on the War Nation.

Major Confrontations


  • 1576:
    • The Empire declares victory in the Krajian Rebellion, annexing the former lands of the Principality of the Dreadlands.
    • The Axis Coalition is dissolved, with many signatories fearing Imperial retribution.
  • 1577:
    • Orcs of the War Nation continue their practice of slavery, capturing and selling citizens of the Dominion of Malin into forced labor.
    • Increased guard presence in the Dominion and raids on slavers' dens fail to halt the orcish raids.
    • Prince Tristan petitions Emperor John III for assistance in destroying the orcish slave trade.
    • John III issues an ultimatum to Rex Vorgo'Yar demanding a cessation of all slaving of Imperial citizens.
  • 1578:
    • Uruk slavers are not deterred by the ultimatum, taking it as a challenge. They begin to enslave humans as well as elves.
    • Multiple vassals cry for retribution for those taken into slavery, forcing Emperor John III to issue a call to arms and rally the banners of the Empire.
  • 1579:
    • The Imperial Army lands on the beaches of Asul, preparing to fight the orcish host.
    • In order to increase the likelihood of a victory given a siege of San'Kharak, Rex Vorgo'Yar sends only 700 orcs to fight the invading Imperials at the Battle of Altay, resulting in an Imperial victory.
    • Emperor John III orders the army to continue marching towards San'Kharak, hoping to capture the capital and completely dissolve the War Nation.
  • 1580:
    • In an attempt to preserve the orcish erace and avoid genocide, Rex Vorgo'Yar evacuates the city, leaving only 3000 uruks to defend the capital.
    • The Imperial Siege the Orcish capital, swiftly capturing it with minimal resistance.
    • The former lands of the War Nation are annexed by the Holy Orenian Empire, who declare victory in the war.