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Schism War
The Battle of the Milvian Bridge, 1484
Date: 1483-1491
Location: Kingdom of Aesterwald, Kingdom of Renatus, City State of Petrus, Kingdom of Akovia
Canonist League:
Kingdom of Akovia
sarkozic.png March of Adria
Duchy of Savoy
Vanderfell Coalition:
Waldenia.png Kingdom of Aesterwald
Kingdom of Renatus (1483-1487)
DominionSeal.png Laureh'lin
Urguan Emblem.png Grand Kingdom of Urguan
Mardonic League
Commanders and leaders
Canonist League:
King Andrew of Akovia
vanirCoA.png Vasili Vanir
Emma Vladov
Paul, Baron of Montfort
Vanderfell Coalition:
Waldenia.png King Arius of Aesterwald-Hanseti
King Maric of Renatus
Godfrey, Duke of Petrus

The Schism War was the extended conflict that began in 1483 with the fall of the Fourth Empire and ended in 1491 with the unconditional surrender of the Vanderfell Coalition to the Canonist League following Godfrey, Duke of Petrus' surrender to King Andrew(Andrik) of Akovia. It is defined by the massively unbalanced amount of forces that were involved on either side of the conflict, as well as its defining impact on the geopolitical atmosphere of late Athera and current day Vailor. The Schism War is widely seen as being responsible for the current realm's balance of power, and is directly related to the current status of Humanity, and indirectly responsible for the current state of the Elvish People, Grand Kingdom of Urguan, and Orcish Hordes.

The Schism War was one of the largest conflicts to engulf the realm of the descendants, and one of the harshest divides in Human History. The impact of the war was felt years after its end, with few Waldenian cultures of Aesterwald surviving in Vailor, and the dominance of the Canonist League in subsequent Orenian politics. The end of the war saw a major revival of the Canonist faith, and Orenian patriotism was at an all time high under the much beloved King Andrik Vydra.


  • 1481:
    • The Holy Orenian Empire fractures, splitting into the Kingdom of Oren, Kingdom of Renatus, and Apostolic Konigreich of Aesterwald. This event sets the stage for the conflict to come, and notably divided humanity culturally along Heartlander, Highlander and Lucienist lines.
  • 1483:
    • Aleksandr Carrion cedes the city of Petrus over to Godfrey Horen of the Mardonic League, disbanding the Kingdom of Oren.
    • The remnants of this kingdom go on to form the Kingdom of Akovia, as well as the Baronies of Woldzmir and Montfort.
    • A state of war begins between the Baronies and the Kingdom of Akovia against the City state of Petrus and Kingdom of Renatus.
    • Paul marries Emma Vladov, joining the House of Montfort with there cousins Vladov in a military alliance, forming the March of Adria.
  • 1484:
    • The Kingdom of Aesterwald declares a schism from the Canonist Faith, and joins Renatus and Petrus in their war against Akovia and the March of Adria, effectively forming the Schismatic League.
    • Widespread persecution of the Raevir people begin under false claims of a Raevir Conspiracy controlling the church, the Kingdom of Akovia, and generally holding heavy political sway in Aesterwald, although Raevir population and power remains at a historical low.
    • The Duchy of Savoy joins the March of Adria and Kingdom of Akovia in its fight, forming the Canonist League with a combined military strength roughly 1/3rd of that of Schismatic League, though it has a disproportionately larger amount of skilled military and political leaders, as well as the backing of the Canonist Church.
  • 1484-1486:
    • Military conflict continued through these years, with the Orcish and Dwarven forces joining the Schismatic League.
    • The famed Battle of the Milvian Bridge takes place, resulting in a resounding Canonist victory.
    • Repeated Canonist victories against all odds.
    • Wide-spread persecution of the Raevir People takes place under King Arius' rule, though little impact is made on the few remaining Raevir.
  • 1487:
    • Kaer Angren, the capital of the Kingdom of Renatus, is destroyed, alongside most of the Renatian leadership.
    • The remnants of the Kingdom of Renatus fall under Godfrey Horen, and the Mardonic League is formed.
  • 1487-1491:
    • The Canonist league maintains military superiority over the Vanderfell Coalition, causing members of the Coalition to drop out of the war, with many native Waldenians losing the will to fight.
  • 1491:
    • After continued years of military dominance being exerted by the Canonist League, the Schismatic League fractures, and Godfrey Horen of the Mardonic League cedes the City of Petrus to King Andrik Vydra.
    • A peace deal is signed, and humanity is once more unified under the Reformed Kingdom of Oren.