War:Coup of Adelburg

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Coup of Adelburg

Coup of Adelburg.jpg

Date: 1638.
Place: Adelburg, Holy Orenian Empire
Result: Coup succeeded
Empire of Man.png House of Horen-Pertinax
House Romstun.jpg House of Romstun
HouseIvanovich.png House of Ivanovich
imperialorenia.png Holy Orenian Empire
Empire of Man.png Canonius Horen
House Romstun.jpg Ser Leitsieg von Draco
HouseIvanovich.png Arpad Ivanovich
imperialorenia.png John VI, Holy Orenian Emperor
imperialorenia.png Owein aep Cynan
~300 ~100,006
50 killed or wounded 1,400 killed, including John VI, Holy Orenian Emperor

The Coup of Adelburg was a coup which occurred in the year 1638, in Adelburg the capital of the Holy Orenian Empire led by Canonius Horen. The coup would result in the collapse of the Sixth incarnation of the Empire, and mark a critical turning point in the Third Crusade.


Following the reign of Emperor Peter II, many nobles and peasants within the Holy Orenian Empire viewed the current monarchy with skepticism. The War of the Beards had left Oren with no allies but Haense and a very meager army. Due to his father's defeat in the war, some doubted Emperor John VI and his ability to rule. This was proven when the Kingdom of Norland attacked Oren, in hopes of avenging the Sack of Seahelm. The Battle of the Bloody Road further affirmed in the minds of many that current Orenian leadership could not win this war. This lead to a man going by the name Canonius Horen to rise up.

The Coup

Discontent had already found its place among the Orenian courts. A person of the Horen-Marna line urged John VI to abdicate his throne and allow him to step into power. Shortly after this, Canonius along with Ser Leitsieg and Arpad Ivanovich, entered the throne room. They urged John VI to accept their aid in the Third Crusade. However, John VI was not pleased by this, and discourse broke out among the two. It was then that Canonius declared himself emperor. The few hundred troops he'd brought with him stormed into the palace, as roughly a thousand city guards. Fighting was fierce, but Canonius was able to win out in the end, his troops killed John VI by accident after being overcome with bloodlust and put his entire court to the sword. Shortly after this, the Horen-Marna which had tried to take the throne was caught in the city by Canonius's men. However, some Haenseti soldiers jumped into the fray and gave him a horse, allowing him to escape while they held back his attackers.


Following this, many supporters of John VI were slain. Minor killings occurred in Metz, and a few thousand Orenian loyalists were killed in the ruins of Bastion. Aurelius I proceeded bring about the end of the Holy Orenian Empire, and bring about the Kingdom of Renatus. However, some loyalists still held out, and flocked to the Kingdom of Marna. Despite the discord, Renatus and Marna united to repel the Norlanders. The two proved to be a greater foe than Oren had been, turning the tide of the war and capturing Norland.