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The Holy State of Vuillermoz

It is written that the founder of Vuillermoz was a man named Alf Vuiller who lived over 900 years ago. He is said to have traveled far and wide and longer then any had done before him, because he believed in a dream that he would find a land truly blessed by GOD. This was long before most others had sailed to Arcas and most land was standing empty and wild.

When Alf and his people had traveled for close to 50 years a lot of people had left him or faltered during their long travel and as they where about to lose hope in their dream they saw a beam of light shining down at a hill and into a water source blessed with berrys and animals all around the hill and land. This is where Alf was going to build his city and home, this was where Vuillermoz would stand under the beam of light and GODs blessing.

Notable Information & Places List of players able to assist
  • Knight-Regent
The current regent of the city is Holy Ser Johan Vuiller.
Contact: HaraldMarron & HaraldMarron#6276
  • Guard Commander
Vuillermoz's commander is the ever-diligent Holy Ser Philip de Beaumont. Enlist today!
Contact: ThatDutchFellow & Dutch#4741
  • Vicar of God
Looking to be absolved? Look no further than High Pontiff James II.
Contact: VIROS & JJ (Viros)#7190
  • Tribune Councillor
The local voice of the people is represented through Holy Ser Theon Virosi.
Contact: AWorldWithout & Aworldwithoutdanger1#6336

Notable Locations

  • Tavern
The local tavern serves a hearty drink and seasoned meal. If you're there for fun instead of food, play chess downstairs!
  • The Stage
The stage is where local actors hone their skill! You can find a play hosted every now and then.
  • Death Maze
The death maze is a difficult and deadly maze, made for only the skillful.

Peak Times:  Peak times are around 11 pm on GMT +2
Culture and Religion The Holy State of Vuillermoz is predominantly Canonist; however, anyone can live and work in the city as long as they are baptised. Citizens do not have to believe in Canonism, but they are not allowed to preach any other religion. They are a very family-oriented community, and normally raise their children to be steadfast for what they believe in.