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Vortex Beginners Guide

  • Welcome to the Wiki Vortex Beginners guide. This guide should hopefully explain to you how the basics of Vortex work. If you have any questions or suggestions about how to make the guide better then feel free to message HogoBojo#0001 on Discord.
  • Find all the crafting recipes here!
  • Please note that not all features of Vortex are out yet, and that this guide will be updated as new features release. Currently you can only progress so far.

Getting Started

To start, you’re going to need to collect some wood, of any variety by punching Vortex trees. Then proceed to make a vanilla crafting bench. This will be used to craft the basic tools, and work stations necessary to use Vortex. Once that's set up, craft yourself a wooden pickaxe, and a wooden axe. With your wooden axe, you can right click log nodes to harvest them. After you've collected a decent amount of wood, head over to the stone mine and collect some stone using the same method, but with a wooden pickaxe.

Once you've collected a fair bit of cobblestone, head over to a crafting table, and craft a stone pickaxe, and hammer. [Figure 1] Then head to a mine, and harvest some copper ore by right clicking with the stone pickaxe. Nodes will change to a different block when harvested, and have a cooldown of two hours. Then head back to your crafting bench and create a alloy furnace. [Figure 2] When you open the furnace, you can see a variety of things. [Figure 3] First note that your proficiency is listed in the top right corner of the menu. Your proficiency will increase with better tools, and armor, and is required to make higher tier items. By opening the furnace with the stone hammer, you have a proficiency of five. At this level, you can smelt copper into ingots. By hovering over what you want to create, it will tell you the materials, proficiency, and energy required to make it. So we can see that the ingot requires a proficiency of five, one copper ingot, one coal, and consumes five energy.

Now that your furnace is set up, you'll need to head to a mine and harvest some copper nodes. After collecting the copper, head back to your furnace. Open it with your pickaxe as you did before, and click copper ingot. You can change the amount you wish to smelt by clicking the papers along the bottom. When you're ready to start, click start smelting. This will kick you out of the menu, and the furnace will set ablaze. While your ore(s) are smelting, craft a bucket the way you regularly would but instead of iron, use cobblestone. [Figure 4] Once the furnace's fire goes out, right click with a bucket to collect a bucket full of your molted materials. Then right click the bucket on water to empty it, and to get your ingots.

Now that you've gotten copper, create a blacksmithing table. [Figure 5] When you open the table with your hammer, you should be able to see copper. Once you've clicked it, it will show you all the copper tools that you can craft. We're going to start by making a needle. By hovering over it, we can see the requirements are two copper ingots, two tool rods, five proficiency, and it consumes five energy. To make the tool rods, we're going to need to make a sawmill, and an stone axe. [Figures 6 & 7] Once you have both of those, open the sawmill using the stone axe. Just like the furnace, it has a similar menu. [Figure 8] To create a tool rod, you can see that it requires one apple-wood timber square, and consumes one energy. So you need to head to an apple-wood node, and harvest some logs. After that, head back to your sawmill and create two timber squares, then create two tool rods.

After you have your tool rods, head back to the blacksmithing table. Open the table using your stone hammer, and click the copper ingot. Then select and craft the copper needle. After that, go to your vanilla crafting table and make a spinning wheel [Figure 9], and a textile bench. WIP.

Job specific armor can increase your proficiency in that job, allowing you to craft better gear.

Reference Images

All recipes can be found by searching them in the Crafting Table's recipe book.

Figure 1 (Stone Hammer Recipe)


Figure 2 (Alloy Furnace Recipe)


Figure 3 (Alloy Furnace Menu)


Figure 4 (Stone Bucket Recipe)


Figure 5 (Blacksmith Table Recipe)


Figure 6 (Sawmill Recipe)


Figure 7 (Saw Recipe)


Figure 8 (Sawmill Menu)


Figure 9 (Spinning Wheel Recipe)


Figure 10 (Woodworking Table Recipe)

woodworking tabe recipe.png