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Vortex (Plugin)

Vortex is Lord of the Craft's implementation of a professions system. The goal of this plugin was to add a mechanical basis to diversify crafting for the player. Vortex has two major sections within it, Surge, and Professions.


Surge is Lord of the Craft's custom programmed combat system implemented to increase weapon diversity in combat allowing players to use these weapons to better strategize than they otherwise would using default Minecraft 1.9 mechanics. Surge creates four main classifications of weaponry, namely slashing, blunt, splintering, and piercing weapons. Each of these weapon classifications has special abilities that can occur at random in combat. Surge also creates three main classifications of armor, namely plate mail, chainmail, and gambeson armor, each having a unique resistance and weakness to the previously introduced weapon types.

Vortex Professions Node System · Gathering Professions · Crafting Professions · Artisan Professions
Surge Combat · Coming Soon
Useful Pages Vortex Beginners Guide · Vortex Crafting Recipes