Vorstag Ireheart

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Vorstag Ireheart
Artists depiction during first reign, circa 1463
10th Grand King of Urguan
Reign: 1460-1463
Preceded by: Hogarth Irongut
Succeeded by: Midgor Ireheart
13th Grand King of Urguan
Reign: 1483-1488 (His death)
Preceded by: Fimlin Grandaxe
Succeeded by: Zahrer Irongrinder
Grand Marshal of the Legion
In office: 1470-1475
Preceded by: Ognar Grandaxe
Succeeded by: Yeulf Starbreaker
Personal Details
Born: Vorstag Ireheart-Grandaxe, 10th Deep Cold, 1305
Kal'Urguan, Aegis.
Died: 10th Amber Cold, 1488 (aged 183)
Kal'Agnar, Athera.
Cause of Death: Slain reclaiming the armor of Urguan.
Resting Place: Catacombs of Kal'Agnar
Clan(s): Grandaxe (pre-1463), Ireheart (post-1463)
Parents: Wulfgar Grandaxe, Eileen Ireheart
Children: Akvar Ireheart, Wulfstag Ireheart, Vorstag II Ireheart

Vorstag Wulfgar Ireheart, Grand King (born Vorstag Grandaxe; 10th Deep Cold 1305 - 10th Amber Cold 1488) was a dwarven statesman and military figurehead who was the Grand King of the Urguan from 1460-1463 and upon a second election from 1483-1488. He is one of two dwed to be elected King on more than one occasion, the other his great uncle Midgor Ireheart. Known for his at times impetuous diplomacy, a Grandaxe Scholar dubbed him "The Rash", a nickname that became associated with his uncompromising politics and somewhat controversial leadership style.

Path to Reign

Born in the first dwarf city of Kal'Urguan, Vorstag remained on the backbench of dwarven society for his formative years and much of his adulthood. Following his father's ascension to Grand King, Vorstag moved into more prominent roles of Urguan. His work under the Lord of Commerce earned him favor with Onar Ireheart, the Lord who would go on to nominate him for both of his elections.

In an event which would later be known as "Dizzygate", the election between fellow Grandaxes Fimlin, Jorik, and Vorstag had forced a recount after Lord Regent Dizzy Irongrinder claimed that his own nominee had won the ballot through votes made privately. Through the clergy, an inquest was launched into the affair and eventually concluded that Vorstag had won the election, stripping Jorik of his victory.

After a short reign in a bloodied war, the Lord's council voted to dispose of Vorstag, putting various charges upon him that were shortly acquitted. Despite being pardoned of these crimes, he was unable to regain office and later left the Kingdom after being banished from his Clan.

After a long hiatus from the Kingdom, Vorstag returned under the reign of Fimlin Grandaxe, adopting the Clan of his mother. After assuming Clan Father, Vorstag was made Grand Marshal by Fimlin Grandaxe, a role which he held for 5 years before his resignation.