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The March of Valencia is one of the many fiefdoms located in the Kingdom of Santegia. It belongs to Marques Demetrios Palaiologos.


The March of Valencia was first created when Santegia was but a Duchy. It was given to the daughter of Abdes de Savin, Amelia de Savin, for her contributions. Her financial help proved necessary for the creation of the Duchy of Savinia. She also supported the Duchy financially in the war between Courland and Haense. Her contributions, as well as her personality, which was one of a kind and helpful soul, led to her becoming the first Marquess of Valencia. The seat was then passed to her first born, Demetrios Palaiologos.


The March of Valencia is located inside the Duchy of Savinia, northeast of San Adrian. It is a peninsula of considerable size, with direct access to the Bay of Biscay. The soil is very fertile, grass always growing, the colour a rich dark brown.


The March of Valencia is the only March in the Duchy of Savinia not used for Housing. Instead, it has stables, used to breed and house horses that are part of Santegia's army. This horses are known as Amelian horses, in honour of Amelia De Savin.