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Urguan is the father of the Dwarves and one of the four brothers from the start of time, according to the works of the Wandering Wizard.

When Aegis was first settled and explored by the Descendents, the people of Urguan moved to the deep underground caverns, where they began to mine and search for precious materials from the earth. When Iblees tempted the four brothers Urguan was promised infinite wealth in gems and ores, falling to his own greed. During the long battle against the fallen Daemon, Urguan fought with great valor and strength, but his greed grew stronger and he began to hide more and more underground.

After the defeat of Iblees, Urguan and his children lost their promised wealth and was replaced with a lust and greed for more gems and ores underground, leaving them ever wanting as well as short, squalid and ugly. The Aengul and Daemon that had helped win the war were only able to wish that Urguan's people be hardy, strong hearted and strong of mind.

Urguan had many sons, some of whom became well known in their own right.

Urguan after many years of ruling his kingdom, supposedly vanished and is now considered deceased. He became the first Paragon, feasting forever in Khaz'A'Dentrumm.