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The Universe presented in Lord of the Craft is a grand one filled with magic and wonders.


The world of Lord of the Craft is actually flat, not round, meaning it's shape is closer to a disk than a sphere. This disk has land on it's two sides, Aos and Eos, many times mentioned as Worlds. Aos's side, is the one where the descendants are originated from. The land where the realms of Aegis, Athera and Vailor are, as well as the minor realm of Thales. On Eos's side there are the realms of Asulon and Anthos, with the minor realms being far more, The Verge, Elysium, Kalos, and The Fringe. Much of the world is still unexplored or unknown.

The people of Lord of the Craft currently in world Aos in no way known how to return to world Eos. Most people think that both worlds are the same but simply far apart. To travel between the worlds, powerful portals created by greater deities are used, only two ever known exiting, the Verge's portal, and the portal from the Fringe to Thales (this one was not roleplayed due to rapid map changes). Portals throughout the same world also exist in more amount.

Besides the mortal world, there are others that exist. Normally created by deities of greater power such as Aenguls and Daemons, these worlds have creatures of their own. Such worlds include the Spirit Realm where the spirits reside and the Nether created by Iblees to foster the Undead. All these lands occupy the void, the space of nothing moulded into the will of those with that power.

Fantasy Setting

Like in the real world, many things happen naturally. Gravity and physics are examples, and if it happens in the real world, it is likely that it may happen in the game's world. There is magic however, which means that many things that can not happen in the real world, may happen in the world of Lord of the Craft. Floating islands, magical cities, endless abyss's and even people changing into plants may happen in this world.

While all real life creatures are said to exist in Lord of the Craft's world, there are also other creatures and plants. Based on magic, there are also different kind of sentient races and even constructions which have thoughts. The world's setting is one of medieval fantasy, which means advances in technology by it's inhabitants is kept outside genres such as steampunk and without advancing into industrial eras and without guns and cannons. Inventions such as telescopes, which may improve onto the medieval fantasy setting, are perfectly acceptable. Advances using fantasy aspects, such as magic and different materials in the world, are encouraged but may require acceptance.