Treaty of Metz

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The Treaty of Metz was the agreement reached between John Frederick and his party with the Prince-Regent Gereon of Oren in the summer of 1526 during the wake of King Guy of Oren's death. It effectively accomplished the decade-spanning plot of Charles Henry Horen and his Polycarp Plot, leading to the Horen Restoration and the re-establishment of the Holy Orenian Empire. The treay itself guaranteed amnesty to all Savoyard forces and the establishment of their autonomous realm within the Empire, while in return for their loyalty and the ceasing of all hostilities.

Terms of the Treaty

Prince-Regent Gereon signed the treaty with John Frederick on 15 Grand Harvest, 1526 within the Royal Praha Palace of Felsen, where it was heralded that John would become the new monarch. Other terms in the treaty include:

  • The total end to the conflict between the Imperial forces and Savoyard partisans.
  • The total surrender of the City of Felsen to the Holy Orenian Empire, along with the transfer of the title Crownlands officially to John, Holy Orenian Emperor.
  • Lord Gereon Ashford de Savoie, brother of the late King Olivier Ashford de Savoie, is to be entitled with the Grand Principality of Savoy consisting roughly of the following territories, its official delineation to be determined by the Imperial Cartographic Services.
  • The granting of amnesty in the form of an Imperial Pardon for all Savoyard partisans, including the cadet families of House Ashford de Savoie and House Ashford de Bar, fighting against John, Holy Orenian Emperor, and his claim to the throne.

Impact and Legacy

The treaty established the Holy Orenian Empire with John Frederick as its emperor, displacing House Ashford from its royal estate. It ultimately left the family even more disenfranchised with the new monarch, added to the death of their former patriarch Guy de Bar at the hands of John's own father, made them bitter and distrustful of the Horen monarch.