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Towncandy is a plugin which allows the creation of NPCs, these NPCs are capable of speaking lines or handing out items to players who right-click them. They also can be given player models if their name is that of a player skin. NPCs are only available to VIPs who donate $50 or more (Gold VIP or higher,) with more NPCs granted the higher the VIP level you are; you will receive one extra NPC when donating from Gold VIP to Diamond VIP, and two extra per rank from then on.


To get to the command list for the plugin, simply type /tc, /npc or /towncandy. You should then be presented with a list of commands with small descriptions. These commands are as following:

/tc create [name] Creates a new NPC, any variables that take the place of [name] or come after it will become the NPC's name. Once it is created, it should also display its ID number in the chat too. /tc list This will list all of your NPCs, along with their IDs. It is handy to use when you need to find the ID of one of your NPCs. /tc tp [id] This will teleport the NPC with the ID specified to you. It may also face the position in which you are currently standing while it is teleported. /tc remove [id] Removes the NPC with the specified ID. /tc chat [id] Lists all the chat messages that the NPC with the specified ID can say to players when right-clicked, along with all the message IDs to help with other commands. /tc chatadd [id] [message] Adds a new chat line to the NPC with the ID specified. /tc chatrem [id] [index] Removes the specified message index from the NPC. Use the command above to find out the message indexes/IDs.