Thorin Grandaxe

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Thorin, Paragon
The mighty Paragon Thorin addressing the dwarven populace during his reign
Paragon, Grand King of Urguan
Patron: Yemekar
Born: Unknown
12th of the Deep Cold, 1438
Yemekar's Shrine
Spouse: Unknown
Clan: Grandaxe
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Issue: Unknown

Thorin Grandaxe also known as Paragon Thorin Grandaxe was a dwarven ruler of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, who rose to prominence as a commander of the dwarven Legion during the final war in a long line of conflicts between the sons of Urguan and Krug. During this time, he'd met significant success on the battlefield, having not lost a single battle while in command of the conflict. As Grand King Thorin I, he was ruler of all the dwarven clans and his reign was vast and extensive, having ruled the Grand Kingdom of Urguan since the end of the orcish wars, until his death in 1438. In this time, he oversaw the dwarven realm at its greatest in terms of land and territory; holding fealty over the entirety of the human realm, including the kingdoms of Salvus, Savoie, Ruska, Oren, Adunia, as well as the kharajyr state of Karakatua. He was also known as the liberator of the halflings and elves, which had been left in a state of ruin, following their subjugation by the First Holy Orenian Empire, ruled by the Horen Dynasty. Upon his death, Thorin granted these conquered realms their independence and was thus named a Paragon, styled Yemakar's Fist. Thorin's Patron is Yemekar.


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