Thoak Goldhand

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Thoak 'Sledgefist' Goldhand
“We have what it takes to take what you have.”

Personal Information
Race: Cave Dwarf
Born: 1017 - Aegis
Died: 1692 - Atlas
Patron: Yemekar, Armakak
Spouse: Yuula Goldhand
Parents: Rodnul Goldhand - Ovla Goldhand
Children: Khazakar Goldhand, Hydrose Goldhand, Finian Goldhand
High King of Kaz'Ulrah
Reign: 1683 - 1692
Predecessor: Edel Silvervein
Political Activity
Current Titles: High King of Kaz'Ulrah
Former Titles: Third Clanlord of Clan Goldhand, Founder and First High Prelate of the Ar Yemarin Anaros, Ex-Prelate of Yemekar, Ex-Prelate of Armakak, Coinmaster of Kaz’Ulrah, Ex-Lord of the Crownhold of Kal’Tarak, Ex-Lord of Kastoria, Ex-Lord of Blacklight Hold, Ex-Lord of Kal’Garud, Grand Merchant of the Second Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Yemekar’s Pick of the Second Grand Kingdom of Urguan, Master Architect of the First Empire of Urguan, Veteran of the War of the Beards, and Veteran of the Orc Wars
Symbol: A Blindfold