Third Crusade

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Third Crusade
Second Battle of the Bloody road.jpg
The Battle of Rochdale, 1640
Date: 1638 - 1641
Location: Norland, Oren, Renatus
Result: Crusader Victory
  • Norland becomes a vassal state of Renatus
  • Santegia returns to Canonism
  • Lucienist occupation of Santegia
Kingdom of Norland and Allies:
norland.png Kingdom of Norland
Kaz'Ulrah.png Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah
KRUGMARFLAG.png War Nation of Krugmar (Until 1639)
Santegia-Haria Greater Arms.png Kingdom of Santegia (Until 1640)
Warhawke Chiefdom
imperialorenia.png Holy Orenian Empire (Until 1639)
Marna.png Kingdom of Marna (From 1639)
Haense Arms.png Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska
RenatusCoatOfArms.png Kingdom of Renatus
Santegia-Haria Greater Arms.png Kingdom of Santegia (From 1640)
Reichwald.jpg The Reichwald Greatswords
reiter.png The Black Reiter Company
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Norland and Allies
norland.png Javier I, King of Norland (Until 1640)
norland.png Jevan I, King of Norland (1640)
norland.png Jory I, King of Norland (From 1641)
Santegia-Haria Greater Arms.png Leo I, King of Santegia (Until 1640)
imperialorenia.png John VI, Holy Orenian Emperor †
Marna.png Frederick I, King of Marna
Haense Arms.png Otto II, King of Haense
RenatusCoatOfArms.png Aurelius I, King of Renatus
Santegia-Haria Greater Arms.png Leo I, King of Santegia (From 1640)
Reichwald.jpg Klaus von Krieger

The Third Crusade (High Imperial: Tertia Expeditio Sacra) was a small conflict that was initially between the Kingdom of Norland and the Holy Orenian Empire, though it quickly grew to be a large scale conflict involving most of the major powers of the world, including the then newly formed Kingdom of Renatus, the remnants of the Sixth Empire under the banner of the Apostolic Kingdom of Marna, and after their capitulation in the year 1640, the Kingdom of Santegia, versus the Kingdom of Norland.


Major Confrontations


  • 1637:
  • 1638:
    • The Norlandic host engages the host of Imperial remnants outside the city of Adelburg, easily defeating them at the Battle of the Bloody Road.
  • 1639:
    • The Norlandic victory permitted them to siege the city of Adelburg, not knowing that the city had fallen to the newly established Kingdom of Renatus just a few years prior. Upon hearing of their mistake, King Javier lifted the siege and marched his forces back to Norland.
    • Clashes between pagans within the Kingdom of Santegia and the Order of Saint Lucien, in which Lord Demetrios Palaiologos was murdered, cause King Leo I to exile Canonist clergy and denounce High Pontiff Everard IV.
    • Everard IV declares Holy Crusade against the Kingdom of Santegia and the Kingdom of Norland.
    • Major skirmishes occur, resulting in multiple primarily around San Adrian, resulting in victories for the Crusaders.
  • 1640:
    • The Axionite Coalition is silently disbanded.
    • The Crusaders take the offensive, marching their combined hosts out from the city of Adelburg. They meet the Norlanders in combat once more on the bloody road, resulting in a decisive victory for the Crusaders in the Battle of Rochdale, leaving Norland open for further attacks.
    • King Leo I and High Pontiff Everard IV agree upon peace terms, resulting in the Kingdom of Santegia acknowledging Canonism as their state religion and joining the Crusade against Norland.
    • King Javier I abdicates to his son, Prince Jevan.
  • 1641: