The Uprising Period

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The Uprising Period


Date: 1810-1818
Place: Holy Orenian Empire
Result: Imperial Victory
  • Hinterland Rebels are defeated
  • Sinking of the U.S.S Armakak's Coffer
  • Severe damage to Henry's Wharf
  • Moderate damage to Redenford
Holy Orenian Empire:
OrenianFlag.png Holy Orenian Empire
scyflings?.svg.png Hinterland Rebels (1810-1814)
redhoodcoa.png Redhood Rebels (1818-Present)
OrenianFlag.png Joseph II, Holy Orenian Emperor
OrenianFlag.png Erik Othaman, Count of Valles
OrenianFlag.png Erik Ruthern, Count of Kositz
OrenianFlag.png Simon Pruvia, Viscount of Provins
OrenianFlag.png William Darkwood, Baron of Darkwood
OrenianFlag.png Caspian d'Arkent
scyflings?.svg.png Poor Patrick
scyflings?.svg.png Tim "The Rotund"
scyflings?.svg.png Wenis "The Slow-Blade"
redhoodcoa.png Unknown Redenford Commander
redhoodcoa.png Daniel Dirkshaw, Redhood Captain †

The Uprising Period is a series of rebellions against the Holy Orenian Empire. Starting in 1810, the Orenian capital, Providence, was faced by an unnatural cold front, which greatly diminished the capital's food supplies, thus forcing the citizens of Providence to turn towards the Hinterlands to gather food. Rather than purchasing food off of the Hinterland farmers, Providence citizens chose to gather from their farms themselves, provoking the farmers of the Hinterlands into rebellion against the Empire. This became known as the Providence Cold Front. The Cold Front ended four years later in 1814, upon the dissolution of the cold front from the capital, therefore ending the food shortage and the rebellion.

Later in 1818, a militia force known as the Redhoods captured the farming town of Redenford, starting the Redhood Uprising.

Skirmishes, Battles, and Sieges

The Providence Cold Front (1810-1814)

  • 23rd of Harren's Folly, 1812 - Battle of Henry's Wharf - Imperial Victory
  • 17th of Tobias' Bounty, 1813 - Battle of the Kahaen Sea - Rebel Victory

The Redhood Uprising (1818-Present)

  • 6th of Godfrey's Triumph, 1818 - Battle of Redenford - Pyrrhic Imperial Victory
  • 18th of Godfrey's Triumph, 1820 - Battle of the Redhood Siege Camp - Pyrrhic Redhood Victory

Timeline ((OUTDATED))

  • 1810
    • Temperature in Providence drops at an alarming rate prompting farmers from the hinterlands to take refuge in the city.
    • Snow is reported to have arrived during the summer months.
    • Mayor Alphonse Sylvester Halcourt converts the Providence fighting pit into a storage house for fuel & food.
    • Major Erik Othaman, Viscount of Valles leads an expedition, collecting fuel to keep Providence functioning at the cost of several bundles of hay.
    • Princess Anne Caroline of Crestfall led a collection mission to fields outside of Providence. During the mission the Princess & Imperial State Army soldiers assisting the Princess were assaulted by rogue imperial farmers, marking the first combat engagement during the Cold Front saga.
    • On the 11th of Owyn's Flame, a group of rogue farmers led by Poor Patrick robbed the unguarded Providence storehouse.
  • 1811
    • After the disastrous loss of resources, Rha'kir & other Kha citizens set out to gather more resources for the city when a small force of bandits led by Tim "The Rotund" launched an assault that was beaten back by the khas & Imperial State Army reinforcements.
    • A wheat harvesting trip lead by Lieutenant Colonel William Darkwood, Baron of Darkwood was successful in harvesting most of a nearby field before it froze over. During which they were attacked by a massive troll, slain by Leo Draskovi and Richard Harver.
    • On the 23rd of Horen's Calling the Providence storehouse was assaulted by Tim "The Rotund". He along with his allies were able to secure several barrels of food along with multiple bales of hay. When Imperial State Army reinforcements arrived, it was too late to stop the main attack, however, they were able to capture Tim's son who gave up the location of the bandit encampment.
    • Throughout the month of Godfrey's Triumph snow continued to encroach upon the capital & supply runs to fields across the Augusta River were made by Captain Robert Galbraith continuously to keep up to orenian food demand.
    • On the 13th of Sun's Smile hundreds of refugees flocked to Providence & took up residence in the Ivy House. While imperial guards were occupied with the refugees, Tim "The Rotund" & his lieutenant, Wenus "The Slow-Blade" attacked the storehouse & made out with bundles of food & fuel.
    • Princess Anne Caroline of Crestfall is kidnapped by Tim 'The Rotund'. She is ransomed back to her husband, Simon.
  • 1812
    • On the 23rd of Harren's Folly, rebels were discovered hiding in Henry's Wharf and a skirmish ensued which came to be known as the Battle of Henry's Wharf.
  • 1813
    • Princess Anne Caroline of Crestfall receives information that Wenis "The Short-Blade" and Tim "The Rotund" are out at sea. Preparations for a naval conflict begin.
    • On the 17th of Tobias' Bounty the Orenian Navy launches an attack at Wenis's and Tim's fleet, this was know as the Battle of the Kahaen Sea.
  • 1814
    • Temperatures begin to rise in Providence and with it, bandit activity begins to die down.