The Occupation of Elysium

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The Occupation of Elysium

Date: 75 S.A.
Place: Kingdom of Elysium

Commanders and Leaders
Rexdom Of Krugmar Flag.png Ar-Borok’Akaal, Rex of the Iron'Uzg
Rexdom Of Krugmar Flag.png Hu-Din, Targoth of the Iron'Uzg
HustlersCOA.png Pancho Bojo, Co-President of the Hustlers
Duchy of Elysium COA.png None


The Occupation of Elysium, was a raid by the Horde of the Iron'Uzg as apart of the major regional conflict between the Iron'Uzg and the Kingdom of Elysium. The raid was apart of a series of military conflicts in the wider conflict, one of the longest times an Orc presence was in the capital proper. For three days Orcs ravaged the city, breaking into homes and capturing prisoners as they went. A raiding party of 2.500 raiders of the Horde entered the city overall, with only a minor guard presence to defy or stop them, after their resistance was broken the orcs were able to have free range of the city.. Multiple important buildings were breached, most notably the keep of the Paladins.