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Territories is an expansive, custom-coded region handling plugin specifically designed for Lord of the Craft. It can be complex but this wiki guide is here to break it down for you to be able to understand. Follow along with this guide and soon you'll be a master of this complex system!

Territories... Again?

To understand how Territories work it's good to understand what territories, the plugin's namesake, is. Territories are known commonly as "tiles" and are expansive regions that break up much of the map. Consider them almost like hexes in a Civilization game; they're broken up on the land through the natural terrain. When a territory is unclaimed it is freebuild and known as a wilderness territory or it is a special/event location which can't be built on. Territories can be claimed by Nations and Major Charters who gain enough resources to do so, expanding the borders of the nation.


Plots are the most commonly interacted with part of Territories. A plot can be created anywhere that you can build provided that there is enough room. Simply place down a plot pillar, which can be purchased from Cloud Temple, and have a few friends sign up to the plot. Get enough friends and soon your plot will be ready to activate and protect your things!

Plots require a weekly upkeep depending on the size of the plot. This upkeep comes in the form of Minas, which can be stored in the "Plot Bank" for the upkeep. Additionally, Plots can align themselves with Nations and Major Charters, after which the nation will pay upkeep - but they can tax your plot for being a part of the nation!

Nations and Major Charters

Nations are the heavy hitters of Territories. Nations are a collection of plots and their citizenry which can own Territories and expand their borders. Nations can bring in plots under it's wing and gain it's citizens as their own, but a growing nation can be expensive to upkeep!