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Tenth Nordling War


Date: 22 S.A. - 27 S.A.
Place: Holy Orenian Empire, Kingdom of Norland
Result: Imperial Victory
  • Norland pays 40,000 Mina in war reparations.
  • Norland forced to halt expansion southwards & eastwards.
  • Norland withdraws from the Iron Accord.
OrenianFlag.png Holy Orenian Empire
metinancompany.png The Metinan Company
(until 26 S.A.)
houndsofdon.png Hounds of Don
(from 23 S.A.)
norland.png Kingdom of Norland
ferrymen.png The Ferrymen
OrenianFlag.png John VIII
OrenianFlag.png Baron of Darkwood
OrenianFlag.png Count of Susa
metinancompany.png Olivier Renault Ashford de Savoie
metinancompany.png Bernard de Salier
metinancompany.png Lukas Castile
houndsofdon.png Ratior af Don
houndsofdon.png Robert af Don
norland.png Sven II
norland.png Donovan Freysson
ferrymen.png Banjo, Captain of the Ferrymen

The Tenth Nordling War, otherwise known as the War of the Three Kingdoms by the Kingdom of Norland and their allies was a large-scale conflict that took place between the Kingdom of Norland and their allies against the Holy Orenian Empire. The Mercatorii Revolutionary Army (MRA) also fought on the side of the Empire, however, the Orenian government remained adamant that they had no affiliation with the terrorist organization despite their soldiers fighting together in numerous engagements. During the war, several encounters occurred with many raids and battles being had. After many years of conflict, the war came to an end when the Norlandic Government refused to fight a final battle against the Empire. Later that same day, Emperor John VIII gave a speech declaring the surrender of Norland and the conclusion of the war.


A Nordlanic priest traveled to Oren in the hopes of spreading the word of his faith, however, this was very much disliked by Empire who ended up jailing and killing the priest in secret. Not long after the arrest Officials from Norland had arrived in Oren to inquire about the priest. After getting as much information as they could they would return to Norland and inform the king. During all of this Norland would be raided by an unaffiliated group called the Sons of Horen who claimed they had allegiances with the Canonist Church and Oren. Annoyed by all the bloodshed the King of Norland would seek the Emperor out during a session of court demanding compensation. When the Emperor refused the King of Norland would declare war. Sparking the Tenth Nordling War.

Skirmishes, Battles, and Sieges


  • 22nd Year of the Second Age:
    • A group named the Sons of Horen engages in armed conflict within the Kingdom of Norland, citing a supposed order by the Empire and the Canonist High Pontiff.
    • On the 13th of the First Seed 22 S.A., the Kingdom of Norland respond with a declaration of war upon the Holy Orenian Empire [1], noting an extended period of turbulence between the two nations.
    • As prior established allies of Norland via the Iron Accord, the Kingdom of Urguan declares war on the Empire [2]
    • The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Oren under Gustaven von Halsfield, continue their campaign against the Empire in hopes of achieving their goals of overthrowing the current standing government of Oren.
    • The Holy Orenian Empire responds to the declaration of war with a public announcement, claiming the war will be the 'Final Nordling War'.[3]
    • Immediately following the declaration of War, Norlandic forces launch the Raid on Southbridge led by Donovan Freysson. The Raid is a success and Southbridge is temporarily occupied and looted by Norland until the garrison withdraws back to Varhelm.
    • On the 1st of Sun's Smile, 22 S.A, Imperial forces launch Operation Golden Field led by the Count of Susa. The Imperial State Army force the Duke of Elysium to announce secession under threat of executing all inhabitants of Elysium. This announcement was later revoked after his release. The Holy Orenian Empire is heavily criticized for their methods used during the raid.
    • The Kingdom of Haense releases the Greyspine Convention, a declaration of neutrality [4], on the condition that no Canonist clergy member is harmed.
    • Oren signs the Lucien's Agreement of 1818 [5], bringing the Metinan company into the war.
    • On the 5th of Sun's Smile, 22 S.A., the Kingdom of Norland alongside a small force of Ferrymen numbering 900 soldiers attempt a raid upon the City of Providence meeting an Orenian Host of 2,000 defenders. After losing one hundred infantry, the Norlandic and Ferrymen forces pulled out of the region.
    • An Imperial Response is issued, claiming that every effort was made to protect non-combatants from harm after their controversial actions in Elysium.[6]
    • A missive is issued by Olivier Renault de Savoie, the Consul of the City-State of Luciensburg, proclaiming that they will kill all men, women, and children they encounter in the war unless they evacuate their homeland. [7]
  • 23rd Year of the Second Age:
    • Multiple raids take place within the four realms engaged in the war with no major battles being fought.
    • On the 5th of the Snow's Maiden, a force of ISA scouts were engaged and attempted to capture Thorfinn Kursin. In order to evade capture, Thorfinn Kursin chose to jump into the water, resulting in his death from drowning. A further one hundred Norlanders were killed. [8]
    • On the 12th of Snow's Maiden, a mixed force of the Metinan company as well as Imperial officers, stationed themselves inside the Norlandic maple trees to siphon off entry and exit to their capital. Once word reached Norland about this, an army of roughly 2,400 Norlanders engaged the force of 1,100 Imperials to try and drive them from the roads. [9]
    • 13th of the First Seed, a force of 1,200 Norlanders raid the city of Providence which results in the Storming of the Bastille
    • On the 16th of Snow's Maiden, Norlandic and Ferrymen forces attacked the Bridge of Providence, leading to a battle between 2000 Imperials and 900 Norlanders and Ferrymen. Northern forces retreated after the loss of 100 men.
    • 7th of Grand Harvest, a force of 600 ISA men led by Lukas Castile, Captain of the Metinan Company, and Antonyus Horen, left Providence for a patrol on surrounding Orenian roads. This led to The Battle of Peter's Bridge, which was a confrontation at Peter's Bridge with the Ferrymen, ultimately leading to the flight of the Ferrymen and victory of the patrollers.
    • 10th of Grand Harvest, a force of 1,100 Norlanders establish a roadblock upon the bridge leading to Providence, 600 Imperial men were killed, 400 of which were Ministry of Justice agents, and the rest being Imperial State Army soldiers.
    • 23rd of Sun's Smile, a force of 1,200 Ferrymen captured a Lady of d'Arkent, sending a letter to Captain Erik var Ruthern. A host of 3,500 marched out to finally drive the ferrymen from the roads of Oren. After a long battle, a majority of the Ferrymen were killed, the rest routed off of Orenian soil. [10]
    • 10th of Amber Cold, Norlandic forces capture an MRA scout outside of Varhelm. He was hung from the Ashwood Tree.
    • On the 15th of Sigismund's End, 23 S.A., the Holy Orenian Empire and the Hounds of Don sign a contract, bringing the Hounds of Don into the war on the Imperial side [11]
  • 24th Year of the Second Age:
    • 16th of Malin's Welcome - Antonyus Horen is captured by Urguan forces supplemented by the Ferrymen, and handed over to Norland. He was later released when it became apparent the Empire would make no attempt to rescue him.
    • 18th of The Deep Cold - After failing to break into Elysium, twelve hundred Imperial soldiers took a Norlandic scouting force of two hundred Rangers prisoner outside of the walls. Rallying a force of two thousand five hundred, the Rangers confronted the captors. The Imperials demanded that Elysium rebel against Norland as a ransom for the prisoners, which was refused. Shortly afterward, the prisoners were freed and the Imperials withdrew without bloodshed. [12] [13]
    • High Pontiff Jude II is murdered within the Basilica of the Ascent of Exalted Godfrey whilst holding confession. The Imperial Ministry of Justice, the Canonist Church and the Kingdom of Norland would all open their own investigations into the killing.
  • 25th Year of the Second Age:
    • On the 17th of Snow's Maiden, Ferrymen forces raided Providence. Upon their arrival, the Ferrymen mercenaries break into Providence via its underground tunnels, entering the Imperial Bastion. Using the offices, they climbed up to the Imperial bank, soon thereafter loosing arrows into the city. They were engaged in negotiations by Lieutenant Heath Linnord and Captain Viktoriya, meanwhile, the ISA climbed up onto the roofs and then engaged with the attackers, the Imperial forces successfully driving off the Ferrymen attack. [14]
    • On the 4th of Grand Harvest, Norlandic forces and Orenian forces engage in the Battle of Outer Arentania after the Northguard attempts to advance into the Western border of the Holy Orenian Empire
    • A Red Faith Scholar named Theoderic claims Ruric heritage and initiates a rebellion to claim the Norlandic throne from King Sven. He also denounces the war claiming Norland has already lost it because of King Sven. [15]
  • 26th Year of the Second Age:
    • On the 5th of First Seed, the Metinan Company is dissolved, voiding their contract with the Holy Orenian Empire. [16]
  • 27th Year of the Second Age:
    • On the 1st of the First Seed, Orenian forces began mobilizing in Outer Arentania with plans of moving westwards into Norlandic territory.
    • On the 2nd of Sun's Smile, the Mercatorii Revolutionary Army (MRA), renounces claims of operating under the command of the Imperial Government in a published statement titled Notice NO. 23 [17].
    • At 22:57 on the 9th of Sun's Smile, John VIII, Holy Orenian Emperor announces the Nolandic surrender in the throne room of the Augustine Palace.
  • 28th Year of the Second Age:
    • On the 10th of the Deep Cold, the Treaty of Providence is signed, officially ending the Tenth Nordling War [18].