Tatiana of Metterden

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Tatiana of Metterden
Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska
Predecessor: Ingrid of Ulgaard
Successor: Sophia of Castor
Born: 2nd of the Sun’s Smile, 1630, County of Metterden, Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska
Died: 11th of the Deep Cold, 1668
Spouse: Francis II of Haense
House: Ruthern
Father: Vladrick Ruthern, Count of Metterden
Mother: Margret Rykov

Tatiana Elizaveta (Common: Tatiana Elizabeth) was the Queen consort of Hanseti-Ruska through her marriage to Francis II of Haense. She reigned as consort for a brief month in year the 1666 before Francis’s coup and assassination.


Early Life

As a Ruthern and daughter to a Karovic house, Tatiana’s upbringing was fulfilled with plentiful knowledge and learning. She excelled in her studies, although often did not do much else other than remain within her family’s library surrounded by books. A majority of Tatiana’s childhood was known to be well and suitable for a noblewoman, besides her lack of sociality. She rarely was in attendance of events or other revelries, less it was required of her or pertained scholastic interests.


Her marriage to Franz was not a large ceremony, for the noblewoman was frequently known to be humble, and Franz was not the king of Haense yet. She had been married to him for several years before his kingship. Before any Crow’s Moot could be called, Tatiana convinced her husband to take the throne.

As Queen Consort of Haense

It was only for a month, if not less, that she would serve as the consort to Franz until his brutal and sudden assassination. Tatiana, similarly to how she remained in her youth, was not often seen within the public eye. She would be regarded as doing nothing by many who did not see her diligent work behind the scenes of the government.

Life After Royalty

Despite no longer being queen, she held a significant amount of influence – such as inviting Karl of Rothswood in as Lord Palatine. She too would remain as a notable driving force in keeping Prince Sigmar, the heir to the kingdom, out of the kingdom’s capital. Even for the first four years of his reign that he was known to be king, he remained in exile in the south as per the demands of Tatiana and Karl.

As she was not a socialite by any means within the court or daily life of the Haeseni people, rumors began to formulate surrounding her life; one of which would be the assumption that she and the peasant –and palatine– Karl of Rothswood were lovers when she began convincing Karl to promote peasants to higher positions within the government. Tatiana angered many of the old families of Haense, but also kept them in line.

Exile and Death

Ignoring the opinions of many noble houses would be her downfall, when the King Sigmar would finally enter the capital with mercenaries and noble dissenters at his flank. Karl was executed swiftly upon the arrival of Sigmar, and Tatiana was banished and sent to live out the rest of her life in a nunnery. It is believed had it not been for her familial connections to the royal household, she would’ve been executed as well on charges of treason. Within the later years of her life, she succumbed to an illness and passed in her sleep.