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It is an objective fact that the character Owyn II was murdered by Courlandic soldiers and undead beings, this is also very common ic knowledge. The Wiki is not the place for propaganda, all information contained in it should be as correct and truthful as possible. -MaxGemini

Hold up buddy, you weren't there, I was. From an ooc stand point, there was NO undead there, and the murder was committed by a random guy without affiliation with Courland. I'm including the possible presence of courland knights etc because said random guy was indeed accompanied by a person playing a courlandic knight. Now, please stay off my characters page, you have no authority to edit my page and you're blatantly trying to add ooc propaganda. Thanks, and please don't make me waste my time again -Wapples.

From an OOC standpoint there WAS an undead there. That is a FACT. TheElvenMage was playing his/her ghoul character, this was CLEARLY AND OBVIOUSLY VERIFIED by both Eddywilson2 on his death post and by TheElvenMage's own post on the thread. In addition, the Courlandic Knight who was there was Kukii's character, Ser Elias de Castro, which is also verified by Eddywilson's death post and by Kukii's own words (I spoke to him on TS about it a few days ago). If you would like to ask Kukii or TheElvenMage about the situation, you may feel free to; but in the meantime, please stop posting misinformation on the wiki. TheElvenMage is not a "random guy with no affiliation with Courland," he/she has said multiple times in OOC that his/her Ghoul lives in Courland, fights for Courland, and is a friend of Courland. Don't believe me? Please feel free to ask him/her, and you will know the truth. Now kindly stop posting flagrant misinformation on your character's wiki page, and lying about it and defending it in OOC. If you undo my edit again to re add your purposely misleading information, I will add back the truth of the situation and get a wiki moderator to lock the page to ensure you do not continue to spread lies. Thank you -max