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Stephen of Asftield
Baron of Astfield
13th of Sun's Smile, 1777 - Present
Predecessor: Title Recreated
Successor: N/A
Born: 7th of The Amber Cold, 1739
New Reza, Haense
Adaline of Kerzenwick
House: Vyronov
Father: Isaak Vyronov
Mother: Elisabeth of Mondstadt

Stefan Aleksandr, also known as Stephen I (7th of The Amber Cold, 1739 - Present), of the House of Vyronov, is Baron of Astfield. He is the oldest child and son of Isaak Vyronov and his wife Elisabeth Amador who was elected Maer of New Reza twice and later became Baron after making it through the House of Lords in the Empire.

Early life

Stefan Aleksandr Vyronov was born to Isaak Vyronov and Elisabeth Amador in a farmhouse outside of New Reza within the year of 1739. His birth would be unknown to both his paternal and maternal family due to his parents being secretly wedded and his father always keeping secrets. Though his existence would be known within the year 1741, which is the year his father was captured and murdered during the Rubern War. Growing up within Carnatia, he was tutored by his grandmother, Dame Primrose Kortrevich, as well as his cousin Ser Robert. Though within his early childhood Stefan was known to be very joyous and was intrigued in learning his family's history and others as he always thought it is best to learn from others' mistakes in their life as well as to gain a better understanding of what life truly was.

In the year 1747, he and his family would be met with a great catastrophe as his cousin, Duke Robert Vyronov, was convicted for murdering his brother and as a result his family would lose its titles then later its land. After the conviction and the death of his cousin, Stefan would be brought up as a ward to King Andrew IV to which he would see the King as a father-like figure towards him. As some years past, Stefan would yet again meet another disaster in his life as the King would pass away due to major wounds he had suffered from combating deserters who had kidnapped the Queen.

Once Stefan had reached the age of twenty he would seek to start a political career by running for Alderman against the incumbent, Ser Osvald Barclay. Within his campaign he decided to take aim at his competitors though more so towards the incumbent by bashing him on what he believed he was at the time, that being nothing more than a bench warmer. Despite Stefan's efforts within his campaign to for Alderman, it resulted in a disaster as he became last.


As Baron of Astfield


Titles, Styles and Honors

  • 1761-1763: Maer of New Reza
  • 1775-1777: Maer of New Reza
  • 1777-Present: Baron of Astfield, Maer of New Reza

Full title as Baron of Astfield

The titles of Stephen are: His Lordship, Stephen I of House Vyronov, Baron of Astfield


Name Birth Death Marriage
Anton Boleslav of Astfield 3rd of The Amber Cold, 1769 Alive Unwed Firstborn son of Stefan and Adaline. Twin to Theodosiya.
Theodosiya Fredrika of Astfield 3rd of The Amber Cold, 1769 Alive Unwed Firstborn daughter of Stefan and Adaline. Twin to Anton.
Aleksandr Owyn of Astfield 15th of Malin’s Welcome, 1771 Alive Unwed Secondborn son of Stefan and Adaline.