Stefan Sarkozic

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Duke of Carnatia
Reign: 1544-1546
Predecessor: Otto II
Successor: John
Born: 21st of the Amber Cold, 1529
Baranya, Haense, Oren
Died: 9th of the Grand Harvest, 1546 (aged 17)
Brelus, Lorraine, Oren
Spouse: Unwed
House: Sarkozic
Father: Otto II, Duke of Carnatia
Mother: Milena Kovachev

Stefan Sarkozic (Common: Stephen Sarkozy; High Imperial: Stephanus Saroces; Raevir: Stefan Sarkozic) was Duke of Carnatia from 1544 till his death in 1546. A virile youth, Stefan's young death came a great surprise to the nobility, many considering it a poor fate to such a bright child. In his short two years, Stefan had organized an alliance with Savoy, with his sister Katerina marrying the newly-installed Prince Lucius of Savoy (despite the overly hostile relations between the two families), and had begun to lay the stepping stones to an invasion against the Duchy of Courland, which would later be realized years later in the Riga War led by his grandfather, Jan Kovachev.