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Starbreaker Clan Sigil

The Starbreaker Clan is an Elder Clan of cave dwarves formed by one of the sons of Urguan; Gotrek Starbreaker in the early days. The Clan is best known for discovering Golemancy, Runesmithing, and for their smithing ability.


The Starbreaker Clan has been around since Aegis, and was present in the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and is currently in the Kingdom of Agnarum. Known for its smithing, Golemancy and mining it is one of the oldest and longest standing clans of the dwedmar.


The clan bears there name from their founder Gotrek Starbreaker, arguably the greatest smith of his age, capable of creating works of craftmanship still used today by his descendants. Gotrek upon the coming of his age founded his own hold deep within the mountains, this hold would be known as Kazad Rikkaz the Starbreaker hold. Here he brought his wife and there they made two sons Skalf Starbreaker and Haggar Starbreaker. As days came to past so did the skill of the two sons become great, like their father they were renowned smiths, capable of producing the best quality blades in all of Aegis. It wasnt long before they themselves made sons of their own and their sons their own children, and so the Starbreakers grew and grew. As his line prospered and his hold lay secure, his descendants fruitful and frantic he died peacefully and happily, and on that day the stars shined dimmer for it for the world had indeed lost a great dwarf. But his two sons carried on his legacy, Haggar though for unknown reasons made his own clan known as the Silverfingers and they too laid within Kazad-Rikkaz. And so it came to pass that these two clans would carry on their ways. Eldest of the two sons birthed a son known as Arbek, in his time as a beardling he was taught by the elders of his clan the heritage of which he came from, the arts of smithing and rune magic that they knew in the days of old. Taught was he in the arts of warfare, truly showing the ferocity that his grandfather did in ages past. Shortly after his birth the youngest of the two sons Haggar would adopt a forest dwarf named Hashut and like his brother in arms Arbek he would be taught all that the two clans could offer them. And so the hold of Kazad Rikaz were filled with mighty smiths and powerful rune carvers, as the two heirs to their respected clans passed their trials and became fully grown dwarfs. But the peace wasnt meant to be, for slowly the stars glowed dimmer as rumors of undead hordes came to the Starbreaker Hold. Then one day the hold was laid sieged by a necromancer.A massive assault of undead lead by an unknown figure cloacked in black laid seige on the citadel. As the cities natural defenses and walls gave an advantage to the dwarves, the dwarves were presumed safe. Until the unthinkable happened; Hashut adopted cousin of Arbek and son of Haggar opened the great gate letting in a tide of undead pour into the citadel. It was believed that the cloacked figure with dark magic whispered corruption in his ear. The clans of Gotreks line fought valiantly against the undead, as Arbek saw Hashut he rushed to battle him. Hashut and Arbek fought a long battle whilst axe and shield spear and sword clashed around them. At last Arbek drove his warpick into Hashuts skull killing him with a fatal blow. As the dwarves fought on valiantly more and more undead poured through and (presumably) outnumbered the dwed. Moments after his victory over Hashut Arbek was knocked unconscious. As he woke and looked over the dead he wept tears at the sight of both his father and uncle lay lifeless on the ground, for Hashut had murdered them before their battle. Both silverfinger and starbreaker clans perished in the battle all members killed. This sad and tragic event ended a generation of starbreakers and is a constant reminder to be wary and be ready for anything.


Though many do not recall what ever happened during this period in Starbreaker history it is known that Lord Arbek went missing whilst on a journey to visit his daughter Karvia. After this time many of the dwarves would leave, disappear and or perish from many fates, and so because of this the Starbreakers faded into history until the twin brother of Lord Arbek returned. Shocked to see the clan fading and many of its members gone, he decides that the Starbreakers wouldnt make a successful recovery at this time instead choosing to wait. As the long years past by the nameless twin brother of Lord Arbek was right to hold on the revival of his clan. For dark times approached and soon the great escape of Asulon came and so did the last descendant of Gotrek's line went with the other dwarfs.


Kazraden and the rest of the Dwarven people sailed to Anthos however sometime before reaching shore, Kazraden went missing. Before he disappeared Kazraden birthed a son who would become one of the greatest Starbreakers to have ever lived. This figure would appear years later upon the doorsteps of the Dwarven Hold in these new lands, unmistakably this figure is the son of Kazraden Starbreaker. He holds himself proudly but yet with a deep grief easily seen upon his figure. Koryk son of Kazraden lives on, no known family but the names of the dead in a book to call his own. Koryk still strives on, determined to not let his family name be lost in a book in the same fashion as his family members have. With Koryk at the helm and carrying the blood of an elder clan with him, the Starbreakers once more entered a new age of prosperity. As their numbers grew so too did their reputation, further bolstering their morale as many customers from across the continent would seek out their famed workshops in hope to own one of their exquisite crafts. Koryk alongside a fellow notable Farren Starbreaker would rediscover golemancy after it was lost, this art would eventually be taught to some Starbreakers and shared throughout the world. Once more populating the realm with Golemancers and Golems alike.


From Vailor to Axios, the Starbreaker Clan would struggle to prosper and maintain their numbers as Kingdoms rose and fell with the death of Koryk Starbreaker. Eventually Golemancy and Runesmithing perished alongside many of the already dwindling population of Cave Dwarfs. Though for reasons unknown, it is speculated that many grew tired of this world and simply disappeared, eventually leaving one member left. This Starbreaker would be known as Mafraedon and would keep the ancient traditions and customs of this clan alive while the many years passed.


Sometime before the disappearance of Mafraedon, a Starbreaker known as Crevin would appear before him. Mafraedon allowed him to carry on the name of the Starbreakers as he recognized the blood of his kin before departing shortly after. Crevin now the last of his clan, would continue to become a master smith and create weapons and armor for the dwarven kingdom. He joined the legion and shortly after fought in the War of the Beards against the Grand kingdom of Urguan. It is speculated that some Starbreakers may have appeared briefly around this time before once more disappearing never to be seen again. During this time and until reaching the shores of Atlas, many would call Crevin as "The Last Starbreaker", a name that was shared by three generations of clans dwarfs and constantly served as a reminder of the Clans fading into history.


After years of inactivity, the Starbreaker clan was brought back to life by Crevin Starbreaker in the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah capital city of Kal'Tarak. Here Crevin set about making a Clan Hall and gathering his kin which was spread out across the entire world. While few answered the call, Crevin took a vacation, appointing Kikere as the Clan Mother with his departure. Kikere would later finish building the Clan Hall with some Starbreakers returned to live amonst their kin. Kikere, recently returned member Mafraedon, and Kazrin Starbreaker represented the clan in the Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah. The Clan Mother would be offered to be taught Golemancy from Bolgnir Irongut. However, Bolgnir never returned and soon Kikere herself had lost her drive to continue leading the clan. Years would go by as Mafraedon had once again disappeared on mysterious circumstances and Kikere was starting to grow tired of her affairs with the kingdom and clan. Eventually she too had disappeared from both the Clan and Kingdom never to be seen again appointing Kazrin, now the last Starbreaker, as Clan Father. Confused and alone, Kazrin would continue his daily affairs commencing various projects and working his duties as High Remembrancer of Kaz'Ulrah. After a few more years and perhaps by pure luck more members of the Starbreaker clan had come, while still few in number. Of those that had returned two notable figures had caught Kazrins attention. With the legendary golemancer Dangren back into the clan and Crevin Starbreaker back as well, Kazrin felt invigorated and lead the clan to a new age of prosperity. After Crevin left once again proud of his recruits success of reviving the dying clan, Kazrin was taught Golemancy by Dangren Starbreaker. With the legendary runic art now back in the hands of the clan, Dangren once more disappeared, leaving Kazrin as Clan Father. After the fall of Kal'Tarak during the Third Coalition war, Kazrin lead his clan to Agnarum the newly formed dwarven kingdom. The Dwarves of Agnarum allowed the Cave Dwarfs to settle within Kal'Azgaryum and from there Kazrin and his fellow clan members would set about rebuilding their clan and regaining their strength. The Starbreakers of this time would once more grow in number, with golemancy returned to the clan and many members learning and becoming smiths. The Starbreakers would once more enter a new age of prosperity after nearly a century of stagnation and extinction.


Following the arrival upon the shores of Arcas, the Starbreaker clan would follow their fellow mountain kin north of Aegothrond towards a large mountain valley. The Starbreaker Clan would assist the Kingdom of Agnarum in the construction of Kal'Varoth. The Cave dwarven clan helped by building and further carving out the mountain into vast stone halls. Being one of the most important clans within the kingdom, the Starbreakers were offered a position in the royal council. Gladly the position was accepted by Kazrin Starbreaker and he continued to advise the ruling council on the matters of the kingdom for many years. Satisfied with the prosperity of the clan, Kazrin retired from the position and gave it to his young son, Jorvin Starbreaker. Under the guiding of renowned warrior Jorvin Starbreaker, the clan was rightfully respected and feared, through shrewd diplomacy and will they managed to carve a name for themselves. Establishing relations with notable people and clans, including Grandaxes, Irehearts and Irongrinders. Jorvin and Kazrin were also diplomats and ambassadors towards the neighboring elven kingdom of Aegrothond, later known as the Crown of Elvenesse in following years.


Starbreaker Clan Appearance

The typical Starbreaker has gray skin due to being a Cave Dwarf clan. In youth their hair ranges from dark brown to black, but as they grow old their hair begins to turn white. Starbreakers usually have long beards, either braided or adorned with gold beads, rings and gems. Due to their dark skin color, golden eyes color and proclivity for smithing, they are often mistaken for Dark Dwarves. The attire of a Starbreaker is largely dependent upon the trade or profession they pursue, albeit Starbreakers are also often adorned in armor.


Smithing To learn the way of Anvil is one of the most respectable professions a Starbreaker can do due to the long history and line of smiths descended from their founding father Gotrek Starbreaker. A Starbreaker also brands the clan sigil upon every work that Starbreaker has created to symbolize the pride for his clan and to keep track of what clan made that particular craft.

Golemancy Any Starbreaker can tell you that their clan discovered and rediscovered Golemancy when it was lost. However the practice itself is rare and only the eldest and the worthiest of the clan can be considered to be taught the art. Despite this, many often do find themselves looking to the Starbreakers for golem limbs and golems.

Engineering and Scholaring While still a new thing introduced by Kazrin Starbreaker, his time as one of the only Starbreakers and High Remembrancer gave the impression that the clan was also great dwarfs of learning. Because of this many members within the clan became engineers and scholars themselves, and as such the scholarly profession of the Starbreakers have integrated into the clan.

Notable Members

Notable members of the Starbreaker clan include:

Farren Starbreaker A world renowned Golemancer of his time, it was he that re-discovered Golemancy once more introducing it to the world. For his actions, Golems and Golemancers alike populate the realms of the Descendants once more. He was also known as being a pivotal role in the founding of the Second Grand Kingdom of Urguan, also becoming a famous and wise Lord making him respected to not only magic users but also other clans.

Crevin Starbreaker Known as the Last Starbreaker, Crevin was the last known living descendant during the times in Late Axios to early Atlas. In this time he managed to hold on to Starbreaker traditions becoming a master smith in his own right and reviving the clan into a much healthier state, with new members and old ones returning to help revive the clan with him.

Dangren Starbreaker The last living Golemancer of his generation, Dangren Starbreaker re-introduced the art of Golemancy to the Starbreakers. This allowed the once prosperous clan to once more take up the mantle as Golemancers.

Mafraedon 'Kin-Traitor' Starbreaker The Last Starbreaker during early to late Axios, until the arrival of Crevin. Mafraedon is widely known for contributing greatly to the education and preservations of the Dwarven arts of smithing. Also being one of fabled master smiths of the Iron Honour, a title only bestowed and shared by the notable Kalviin 'The Golden Dwarf' Ireheart at the time and the infamous Koralon Doomforge. In recent years however, he has been named a clan-traitor for abandoning the Starbreakers for the Irongrinders.

Kazrin Starbreaker Renowned Golemancer, the High Remembrancer of the Remembrancers for nearly a century, and a respectable mage. He saw to the preservation of Clan Starbreaker through its darkest years, before yielding the title of Clan Father to his son, Jorvin 'Voidsbane', 'Godslayer' Starbreaker.

Jorvin 'Godslayer' Starbreaker Clan Father of the Starbreakers, known to his kin as the 'Resurrecter' due to to his leadership from some of the clan's darkest years and into the light, rekindling a passion among his kin and bringing them together to form one of the strongest Clans in Agnarum and Urguan. Jorvin has earned a reputation as a strong leader, and a formidable warrior in battle, he drew out the corruption within his clan caused by Torkan Starbreaker, a Khorvadic Cultist and caused much discord within the Kingdom of Agnarum, named Torkan Silverfinger after his death, as a heretic to the Brathmordakin faith. In his later years as Clan Father, he fought on the forefront of the Voidal Incursions alongside his brother, Azdal Starbreaker, brought an end to Mother, and took part in the Siege of Grief's Tear, before becoming the first Starbreaker to bear the title King.


The title "The Last Starbreaker" was a name given to three seperate generations of Starbreakers which began with the decline of the clan towards the beginning of Axios towards the end of Atlas. The first was Mafraedon Starbreaker in early to mid Axios, then Crevin from mid to late axios, to Kazrin from beginning to late Atlas.