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Soulstones are objects carried by every citizen regardless of race. Soulstones contain an ancient magic of unknown origin which links the citizen's soul to a place that they feel a deep connection to.

There are soulstone pillars throughout the realm of Vailor, usually located in the capital cities of the nations. When near a soulstone pillar, one can type /ss bind [#] to attach the pillar to the soulstone slot that they entered as [#]. Using shift+left or shift+right will cycle through all pillars that have been bound. Right clicking will cause one to use their soulstone and go to the selected pillar. Typing /ss will return a soulstone to one's inventory if it has been lost. VIPs have access to more soulstone slots.

Soulstones previously used the sponge block, discontinued from Minecraft gameplay, in Aegis. In Asulon they were replaced with a portal block. Currently, since Vailor they have used a nether star.

On The Nature of Soulstones

The soulstone is one of the more bizarre phenomena of the world. At first sight, it is no more than a small pebble, small enough to fit into a pocket and ranging in coloration from amethyst purple to sulfurous yellow. It seems an unremarkable object, discarded by any to whom it does not belong, hence their filling chests across the continent. By far the most interesting thing about the soulstone though, is that it does not exist.

How can this be, you ask? One can physically hold the object! The clue is in the name, the soulstone is part of the mind and soul of a sentient creature made manifest. A mage can conjure fire from nothing with little more than the power and energy of their mind. The soulstone is similar, part of a very limited inherent magical ability in all beings. It is this small amount of magic that allows people to cling to life in the face of almost certain death long enough to save them.

As the soulstone is part of the mind, its nature is more like a memory than an object of the material world, despite its physical presence. The soulstone appears on one's person the moment it is thought about. This is why soulstones are impossible to throw away, to do so is to think about it, and thus getting rid of it deliberately is like trying to forget a thought present in your mind. The only way a soulstone can be lost is to absent-mindedly drop it into a container, and the soulstone will still reappear once it pops into its owner's mind again. Any attempt to use them for anything causes them to dissolve into a purple mist that disorients any who touch it for the brief second before it disperses.

The soulstone has one useful property, however. When it is focused on, the stone has the ability to guide its owner, both quickly and without harm, to a place that evokes the feeling of home in which the stone is a manifestation of. Methods of focusing vary from person to person. The Elf Native did so by squeezing the stone, but for some, holding it with intent to use is enough. How the transportation works is something of an enigma: using the stone leaves the user disoriented, and they always have no memory of the journey home, meaning that they also do not know how they are transported so swiftly without harm even from time. Witnesses of another using a soulstone report a purple haze, into which the person seems to disappear. It is suspected that using the soulstone taps into the innate and primal magical energies of one's very being, a magic not even the most experienced of mages can comprehend. It is by its nature instinctive, and the closest any have ever come to controlling it is by focusing so heavily on where they are that the soulstone takes them there instead.

The stone cannot do the physically impossible though, while the stone's memory-wiping effect means nobody knows how the travelling occurs, it is not by some strange teleportation: the soulstone cannot be used to escape from locked cells, or places with no exit.

This is all that is known of the soulstone. It is the feeling of home made physically manifest. Although it takes the form of a pebble, it is perhaps more part of us than we realize.


On first entering the universe of Lord of the Craft, a mortal is given a Soulstone which connects their soul to this land. A soulstone allows anyone to quickly travel to pillars scattered around the realm, or directly back to the Cloud Temple by use of the Soulstone Plugin.