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Soulstones let you teleport to spawn or to a soulstone pillar. To do this, shift and right or left click to change your selected soulstone slot. When you have selected the slot you wish to go, simply right click with the soulstone and don't move for a few seconds.

Gold Pillars → Gold Pillars block nearby Soulstones. They are excellent for having in prisons, as these 3 blocks of Gold can be empowered to prevent anyone from escaping. They can be revoked by everyone, so you must guard them from enemies if you wish for them to do their job. Of course, they do not block other soul pillars from existing nearby.

Redstone Pillars → Redstone Pillars give access to players for binding their soulstones to any remote location. The higher the Soulweaving Tome used, the more people can bind to the pillar, but users beware, owners of redstone pillars can ban you from their use!

Emerald Pillars → Emerald Pillars are owned by all nations and some charters. They function the same as redstone pillars, but they don't have a limit for how many people can bind to them.

Soulweaving Tomes are purchasable at The Cloud Temple.

Redstone Pillars made with Soulweaving Tome, Vol. I can bind up to 5 people.

Redstone Pillars made with Soulweaving Tome, Vol. II can bind up to 10 people.

Redstone Pillars made with Soulweaving Tome, Vol. III can bind up to 15 people.

Redstone Pillars made with Soulweaving Tome, Vol. IV can bind up to 20 people.


/ss - The main command of the soulstone plugin. Use this in-game and check out the rest of the features!

/ss claim: Claim your soulstone

/ss bind [slot #]: Bind your soulstone to the pillar you're looking at

/ss release [slot #]: Erase a slot

/ss block: Block nearby players from using their soulstones for ten minutes

/ss imbue [pillar name]: Create a redstone pillar

/ss gold: Turn your redstone pillar into a gold pillar

/ss revoke: Unlatch your soul's power from its current pillar

/ss study: Get a list of souls bound to your soulstone pillar

/ss banish [player name]: Unbind a player from your soulstone pillar