Skirmish of the Southern Highway

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Skirmish of the Southern Highway
Part of the Tenth Nordling War


Date: 7th of Grand Harvest, 23 S.A.
Place: Holy Orenian Empire
Result: Imperial Victory
Holy Orenian Empire & Allies:
OrenianFlag.png Holy Orenian Empire
metinancompany.png Metinan Company
Kingdom of Norland & Allies:
norland.png Kingdom of Norland
ferrymen.png The Ferrymen
OrenianFlag.png Varon Draskovic, Baron of Draskovic
metinancompany.png Lukas Castile, The Domini of Luciensburg
SavoyCoatOfArms.png Olivier de Savoie, Consul of Luciensburg
norland.png Donovan Freysson II, Marshal of Norland
ferrymen.png Banjo, Captain of the Ferrymen
~3,500 Infantry ~1,200 Infantry
~500 Dead or Wounded ~900 Dead or Wounded

The Skirmish of the Southern Highway otherwise referred to as Operation Maiden's Rescue by Oren was the longest-lasting battle of the Tenth Nordling War, having reported lasted for two days and spanned across the entirety of the Southern Imperial Highway. With the Skirmish ending in a decisive Imperial victory, it marked the beginning of an Imperial Victory streak that eventually spiraled into the surrender of the Kingdom of Norland.


On the 18th of Sun's Smile, 23 S.A., a drafted letter by the Ferrymen was sent to Captain Erik var Ruthern and Lukas Castile, detailing that an Imperial citizen, a Lady of d'Arkent, was caught and kidnapped on the road and that she would die if the Imperial force did not save her. The Imperials (led by the Baron of Draskovic) in response raised their banners alongside the Metinan Company (led by Lukas Castile) and marched into the mountains of Southern Arentania to meet the Norlandic and Ferrymen host. Upon arrival, the Ferrymen cut their hostage free, telling her to run back to Providence. However, this was part of the Norlandic plan as they had baited the Imperial host out into the open field.


For approximately the first two hours of the Battle, fighting began in the mountain range of Southern Arentania. The Imperials, not wanting to fight in the mountain range eventually pulled back to the fortified settlement of Southbridge and held their ground for several hours. During that time the Ferrymen littered the settlement with arrow fire, taking down several soldiers of the Imperial State Army. Occasionally the Ferrymen would even push inside the settlement towards the Imperial host. Towards the morning of the 19th, the Imperial host eventually pushed out of Southbridge and chased the Norlandic host up towards the Abbey of St. Robert. The Imperials scored a number of kills and held the Abbey for eight hours before pushing back up towards Providence with the Norlandic Force still in tow. A few kills were exchanged during this march however minimal damage was done to either force.

When both forces had arrived at Providence, the Imperial host split into two. Lukas Castile was given command of the main force consisting of approximately 2,500 soldiers while Baron Draskovic took command of the remaining 1,000 soldiers consisting of mostly shock infantry. Castile's force held Providence while Draskovic's acted as a flanking force and moved around to flank from behind the Norlandic host.