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Silvervein 2.0.png
Silvervein Clan Sigil

The Silverveins are a common clan which found its beginnings in Axios, formed by Edel Silvervein after the illegal take over of the Stonemace Clan. Today the clan is one of the most famous common clans in Dwarven History

Clan Overview

The Silvervein Clan was founded by Edel Silvervein, formerly a Stonemace and before that a Frostbeard after he left the Frostbeards with his father after they declared Independence from the Grand Kingdom. The Stonemace's would pledge themselves to the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and would stay with them for an eternity, unlike their Frostbeard brothers. Due to these actions Edel, the first clan father of the Silverveins started getting support within the Stonemace clan to overthrow his father. It was after a small clan moot that Edel Silvervein overthrew his father after a vote from the present Clan elder (Norkai Silvervein). After Throri vanished from the clan Edel changed the name of the Clan creating a new clan altogether. After this event, the Silvervein changed sides and joined Kath'Ulrah.

While most know the Silverveins as one singular Clan this is not entirely accurate. While it is acceptable to call the general members of the Clans Silverveins, the dwarven men and women of the Silverveins actually are divided into 2 distinct cultural groups. The Silverbeards: Descendants of Throri's line, they are the warriors of the clan. The Nickelveins: They are the Descendants of Yorrick's line. They are mostly miners and scholars.

Silverveins are responsible for the creation of dwarven nations such as the 1st Confederation of Hammers which they helped create alongside the Hammerforge clan, and many years later, the Kingdom of Agnarum, and the Under-Realm of Urguan. They have also been accused of being responsible for the downfall of Urguan and the Dismantlement of Kath'Ulrah.

Their tendency to be cosmopolitan actions towards all nations, their ability to absorb clans into their own clan, and willingness to unify for the greater good of the dwarves has granted the Silvervein a steady streak of success throughout the years

Clan History


The Stonemace's were a group of dwarves who lived within the nation of Kaz'Ulrah in the lands of Axios, with Edel Silvervein as the first Clan Father. As a common clan, their roots can be traced back to its parent clans of the Stonemace Clan and the Frostbeard Clan. Some years after its creation the Silverveins joined clans with the Stormfists a dwarven clan that possessed an elven ancestor. Both clans agreed to merge under the condition that the new clan would keep the Silvervein name, but that the Sigil would have to change to depict both ancestries and that the culture of the Silverveins would have to change to the more sophisticated Stormfist Culture. When the war of the Beard began The Silvervein Clan supported the kingdom of Kaz’ulrah. During the War of the Beards, Silverveins had “mysteriously” disappeared or so say the records of Ulrah, during that time the Clan Father of the Silverveins was Boreas Silvervein the one who was once the clan father of the Stormfists. During his time as clan father he saw the persecution of the Silverveins by Hamnil and his sympathizers, it is known that the genocide successfully killed the Silverveins. As an act of the last defense, Boreas Silvervein slit his throat at the Frostbeard Clan hall and with him, the clan had died. When Edel returned he suspected Hamnil Frostbeard to have killed the silverveins, but he never looked into it in depth. A grudge was made, however, and was finally solved in an honor duel, where Edel has lost. The clan was reformed as vassals of the Blackaxe clan and later became its own clan once again.


Upon arriving to atlas, under the rule of Glenn Silvervein, Silverveins were treated honorably, until, one day, Glenn was lost in the mines. That very day, Edel was elected clan father of the Silvervein clan once more, and begun leading the Silverveins in military operations and growing their presence in the kingdom, hostilities would begin to form again between Frostbeards and Silverveins and upon the death of Verthaik the second, Hamnil Frostbeard would be elected king of Kaz'ulrah, due to their grudge against Hamnil and his attacks on the Silvervein clan where the Frostbeards would attempt murder on Edel Silvervein. At the year of 1649 Edel and Grilthram Grandaxe would decide to leave the dying city of Kal'Tarak, as they implemented the Darus Krom and became a Confederation of Clans they renamed the Kingdom of Kaz'ulrah into the Confederation of Two hammers, denounced Hamnil as a false king and moved the Capital to Karak'a'Azgaryum Later, the Cottonwoods, under the rule of Boldrumir Cottonwood had also joined the Confederation Of hammers. Kaz'ulrah and the orcs of Krugmar have raided the confederation multiple times and hadn't won any of the raids. Edel had decided to step down as clan father, and Gimli "The Young" Silvervein, was elected as new clan father. Gimli took care of some business out of the confederation and was gone for two years. In that meantime, he made Thumril Silvervein a temporary clan father (Thumril wasn't chosen in a legitimate vote, hence why he isn’t in the clan fathers list). Few stone days later, Edel has disappeared into the blizzard. When Gimli returned, he decided to rename the clan to the Emberbanes and to change all of the clan's traditions. This act has angered many of Edel's children, who decided to stay with their Silvervein name, Merek for example. Due to the constant raids from Kaz'ulrah, and Emberbanes and Hammerforges have decided to unite into one clan, the Grandaxes, and rejoin Kaz'Ulrah. Years later, upon Edel's returning, he reformed the Silvervein clan, and his eldest son, Dwarger would leave the Grandaxes, and join him. Edel then decides to step down as clan father, and Varrick Silvervein, bringer of the Nastrada bloodline, was chosen to be the new clan father. Some years pass, and Zokhamli "The Expander" was chosen to be the new clan father, under Zokhamli's rule, and with Dwarger's help, the clan has grown bigger than ever before and has entered their second golden age. Many hostilities were still held upon the Silvervein, and Zokhamli had managed to fix almost most of them. Zokhamli also decided to cancel the Blue-Silver Concordat, because of the Stormfists clan fathers wish. Then Zokhamli decides to travel, and step down as clan father, and Dwarger "Saviour" Silvervein is chosen to be the new clan father, and under his rule, Silverveins have kept growing and were half of the Kaz'Ulrah vanguard. Dwarger then decides all casts need a reformation: To the warrior cast, Rangers were added. To the scholar cast, Alchemists, and the Remembrances were added. To the worker cast, Smiths, builders, and miners were added. During the Ord rebellion, the Silvervein clan was rather neutral, but more on Kaz'ulrahs side. When the war was basically over, even before it started, Dwarger was chosen to be the high marshal of Kaz'ulrah and was the first Silvervein council member. At the date of 11th of Sun’s Smile, 1680, Dwarger had decided to put an end to all of the old rivalries with the Cottonwood clan, and with the help of the Cottonwood Chief: Bjor “Sagurtits” Cottonwood, they formed the Silver-Wood Alliance. An alliance which stopped and past problems, and will stop any problems in the future. During his time as clan father, Dwarger decided to build a Silvervein Village, and name it Kal’Thry. It was built at the edge of Garronds vale and was planned by Zurghamli and Buernoc. At 1683, Edel Silvervein, in elections that shocked most of the dweds of Kaz’ulrah, was chosen to be Kaz’Ulrah’s High king, making him the first, and at the time of writing the only Silvervein King to ever be. Three stone days later he was denounced by the former queen of kaz’ulrah, and in a vote, he was impeached with only clan Goldhand disagreeing to the impeachment and voting against it. The reasoning behind Korallon’s decision is that Edel got kidnapped and shaved by the humans of the Orenian Empire. Even the Silvervein clan, under Dwarger, has voted for the impeachment, Dwarger never stated the reasoning behind his decision.

At the year of 1684, Dwarger had decided to bring back the Silverveins to their true home. At the year of 1684 Dwarger had decided to bring the Silverveins back to their roots. At the year of 1684 Dwarger had decided return the Silvervein to the Confederation of Hammers, with the entire clan but Jadron, Dwarger’s Uncle, agreeing. His decision was treated badly and poorly in the Kingdom Of Kaz’Ulrah, quickly evicting the Silvervein Clan hall. Dwarger didn’t really care about Kaz’Ulrah anymore, hence why he didn’t give a single shit about any of it. In the Confederation though, the Silvervein were welcomed back with open arms. Doing this action made Dwarger one of the founders of the Council of Agnarum.

At the date of 8th Of Deep Cold, 1685, the legendary Dwarger Silvervein, had stepped down as the father, an act which surprised all members of the clan. Urist Silvervein took his place, former Workers Cast head and Clan Harrold. Urist made Dwarger and Glenn II his Harrolds, which made Dwarger the only Silvervein to be Harrold three times. Before stepping down, Dwarger made the first Silvervein Relic: “Dwarger’s Castrater”, A knife made out of a giant leech’s tooth, which Dwarger used to cut said leech balls off. Dwarger had decided to step down while the Silvervein clan kept growing, and their golden age had continued during his days as clan father. Urist, as the new clan father, became the first Silvervein hammer, in the newly named Confederation Of Agnarum. The renaming was the result of the Kingdom of Bogrin and the Confederation of Hammers deciding to merge as they had similar goals like achieving Dwarven unity. Urist had decided to make his harrold, former clan father, Dwarger the Silvervein thane, making him the second Silvervein hammer. 3 years after he was chosen, Urist decided to step down for unknown reasons. During his reign, a lot of the clan members disappeared into the wilderness, Glenn II, the harrold for example, hence giving him the title “The Destroyer”. Between the Silverveins disappearing, Jadron is included, Edel’s brother. Dwarger had done his best to keep the clan alive, he brought many of his own sons and daughters to the clan, hoping to keep it alive. With Urist stepping down Dwarger was chosen to be the clan father yet again, making him the only clan father to be chosen twice (Edel wasn’t chosen the next two times, he revived the clan). He decided to make Mervel and Korvak his harrolds, and name Korvak a Clan Elder. Before stepping down, Urist decided to make his own relic: “Urist’s Walking Sticks”. At the year of 1690, the almighty Glenn Silverein, the first, has returned from the mines, he quickly went back to the mines. Dwarger gave him Clan Elder title and made him in charge of the clan economics. During the Third Atlas Coalition war, the Silverveins alongside the Kingdom of Agnarum remained neutral, however, during the Siege of Nordengard, the Clan Father, Dwarger, decided to help the Anti-Empire Coalition. At the year of 1692, Mervel has disappeared to learn alchemy, during a tavern gathering, a probably drunk Dwarger decides to make Urist his harrold, the decision remained, however, even after Dwarger wasn’t drunk. At the year of 1694, Dwarger finally found out who killed Boreas Silvervein. Years after his murderer, it turns out the murder wasn’t a murder, but a suicide. Later that year, Dwarger decided to sign an alliance alongside the Stormfists. The alliance was later known as The Alliance Of Silver-Storm At the year of 1695, Dwarger has decided to replace Korvak as the 2nd Silvervein, and make Urist “The Destroyer” Silvervein, the 2nd Silvervein hammer.

Silvervein Clan Appearance

Silvervein Armor

Silverveins have throughout the years annexed smaller common clans; Steelhearts, Stonemaces, etc. Due to this, Silverveins have a very different appearance from each other. Despite this, the appearance of a Silvervein can say a lot about the member's background. Those with a Stonemace background look more like Frostbeards, with jet black hair and blue eyes.


The dwarves of the Silvervein clan primarily live in the mountains along with the rest of the clans of the Confederation of the two Hammers; Hammerforges, and Cottonwoods. Silverveins tend to be trained in varying forms of sciences and political skills, because or this they are generally vilified by clans that were outwitted by the members of the clan.


Like most of the Dwarven clans, the Silverveins follow The Brathmordakin, with the Patron God being Dungrimm. The reasoning behind that is that the Silverveins believe in the greatness of war, and the glory of the afterlife. With Dungrimm being the god of both war, and guardian of the dead, he was chosen to be the Patron God.


When a Silvervein dies, beardling or not, he will be often seen buried in a cave, alongside his kin, with an art painted on a tombstone. showing one of their notable acts After a major battle, the Silverveins will put a large stone, similar to the tombstone. The tombstone will show a painting of the battle with an headline as the battle’s name.


Awooga, dating back all the years to the original Confederation of Hammers, the Awooga battlecry is believed to be first shouted by Dwarger Silvervein during one of the Frostbeards raids on Karak-A-Azgaryum.

The Legion

While they don’t have to join the legion, the Silverveins who do are considered more honorable than the ones who aren’t. As they advance through the ranks, the more honor they will receive. Exemplary members might even be considered for leadership roles in the clan, such as Thanes or even the Clan Father.

The Falcon

With a new reform to the clan, it was decided they also needed a new symbol. The falcon was designed by Dwarger and Urist, and it represents the Silvervein ideals: The falcon is an emblem for success, victory and rising above a situation. As well as being the king of all birds, the falcon is also considered a warlike symbol.


At the First Silvervein Trail, The beardling needs to get an impressive weapon, in any way possible (Stealing it, buying it, crafting it, etc’). The weapon itself can be an Axe, Sword, Bow, Warhammer, Etc...

At the second Trial, The beardling needs to kill two living beings with it. (Orc, Elf, Human, Beard, Wolf, Any animal…)

At the third Trial, the beardling needs to present trophies from the two living beings (Teeth, tusks, fingers, arm, beard, skin, pelt) at a weekly clan meeting

At the fourth, and final Trial, the beardling needs to cut himself in the arm, and drop his blood on top of the fire oath, it is to prove loyalty to the clan and its kin. After that, the beardling will take the clan oath, in front of the big crowd that has gathered for the Clan Meeting.


Clan Father The Clan Father or Clan Mother is the Clan Lord of the Silverveins. They have full control over decisions and directions the clan will make, however, if proven unpopular can be voted out in favor of a new clan Lord. The Wife or Husband of the clan Lord gets the title of Clan Mother or Clan Father respectively but doesn't have the power of Clan Lord, they do however have a lot of influence over the clan as the partner of the clan lord. The duties of the Clan Lord is to select a head of each cast as needed. This usually happens with the help of a vote or tournament of some kind to ensure the clan father's decision is that of the clan. The clan father also ensures the clan functions with the help of the Stewards, the Keeper, and The Silverguard captain. As well as selecting this ranks as seen needed. The clan father also represents the entire clan and as such all insults of attacks against the clan father are against the entire clan and should be taken with the utmost seriousness. The clan father also has the ability to pick the clans allegiances as well as begin wars with other clans.

Clan Father Oath I swear to set beside my own ambitions in favor of those of the Silvervein clan. I Swear to Favor all Bloodlines and Casts of the Silvervein clan. I Swear to Lead to the best of my ability, for the people and in their name. I swear to uphold the laws and traditions of the Silverveins and our legacy to honor those who passed from us. I swear to defend our name and honor as well as any and all those wearing the Silvervein name. I swear to lead the Clan forward as the new Clanfather of the mighty Silvervein Clan.

Clan Thane The Clan Thane is the 2nd highest ranked member of the clan, right under the Clan Father. Harrolds are in charge when clan father isn’t in the area, or is just lazy. In case of something happening to the clan father, the Thane will be temporary clan father, until a new one is chosen. Each clan father may pick up to two harrolds. When the clan father steps down, only the Thane and the stepping down clan father may run for the new clan father.

Clan Elder The Clan Elders are picked by the Clan Lord and the title is given based on noticeable deeds that are deserving of such a title, hence it is one of the hardest ranks to obtain in the clan. A Silvervein Elder is considered wise and honorable and hence most clan members will listen to them. This is not because the title itself demands it but because the people having it has earned the clans respect and hence have the title to prove it. Known Elders Thalrim Silvervein, Vailmere Silvervein, Gurth Silvervein, Notos Silvervein, Boreas Silvervein, Edel Silvervein, Norkai Silvervein, Zokhamli Silvervein, Varrick Silvervein, Dwarger Silvervein, Urist Silvervein

Clan Legend To Become a Silvervein Legend is the hardest thing to do, you have to be widely known and recognized within the clan and done deeds known by all Silverveins. You also must be given the title by no less than all Elders and the current Clan father. To be a Legend doesn't give any special perks, other than the honor and recognition of your past deeds. Once the title is given you can not have it revoked, however, a Legend that betrays the clan will be considered a fallen Legend.

List of Clan Fathers

Edel ‘The Flammable’ Silvervein, First Clan & Frostvein Clanfather & Clan founder.

Boreas Silvervein, The Well spoken, First Stormvein Clanfather.

Thalrim Silvervein, The undead, and first Frostborn Clanfather.

Glenn Silvervein, Bringer of Peace & wealth, Second Frostvein clan father.

Edel ‘The Flammable’ Silvervein, From 19th of the Amber cold, 1644.

Gimli "Metalfist" Silvervein, The Young, first Steelheart Clan father, 10th Malin's welcome, 1648.

Edel ‘The Flammable’ Silvervein, the remaker of the Silverveins, 1659.

Varrick Silvervein, The Headstrong, 19th of the first seed 1667.

Zokhamli, The Expander, 9th of Deep Cold, 1671.

Dwarger Silvervein, 10th of the Amber Cold, 1678.

Urist Silvervein, The Destroyer, 8th Of Deep Cold, 1685

Dwarger “Saviour” Silvervein, 8th Of The Grand Harvest, 1688


As a way to protect their culture and believes the silverveins created the silverguard, a professional army composed of warriors loyal to the Silvervein clan. though not mandatory most silverveins are part of the silverguard. Ranks Warrior Cast Head: Highest Military rank of the Silverveins Silverguard Captain: Second in command to the Silverguard Captain Honorable Warrior: A proven soldier of the silverguard. commands respect and should be the role model for the soldiers. Warrior: The Lowest rank of the Silverguard military. one becomes a soldier of the Silverguard once he takes the Silver oath.

Silver Oath I, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend my clan against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I will obey the orders of the officers appointed over me. I will not break soil the silvervein name, or betray its ideal. if I’m ever to break this oath may the Brathmordakin strike me down with all their wrath.

Notable Members

Edel Silvervein.png
Clan Founder, Edel Silvervein
Edel Silvervein is the clan founder, and former king of Kaz'Ulrah
Thalrim Silvervein.jpg
Clan Legend, Thalrim Silvervein
Thalrim Silvervein is a former clan father, and remained loyal to the clan even during its darkest days
Zokhamli Silvervein.png
Clan Legend, Zokhamli Silvervein
Zokhamli Silvervein is a former clan father, he expanded the clan bigger then ever before, and calmed the winds with many other clans.
Dwarger Silvervein.jpg
Clan Legend, Dwarger Silvervein
Dwarger Silvervein is the current clan father, he improved relations with many other clans, kept expanding the clan, and brought the Silverveins to their true home.