Siege of Thoringrad

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Siege of Thoringrad
Part of the Third Urguan-Oren War
Thoringrad siege.png
Siege of Thoringrad begins, 1449
Date: 1451
Location: The Grand Kingdom of Urguan, adjacent to the Nation's Crossing (Anthos)
  • Orenian assault succeeded
  • Orenian invasion gains ground
  • Trench warfare starts on the Indagolaf-Thoringrad front
Kingdom of Oren and Allies:
CarrionCOA.png Holy Kingdom of Oren
DominionSeal.png Conclave of Malinor
KRUGMARFLAG.png Rexdom of Krugmar
Grand Kingdom of Urguan and Allies:
Urguan Emblem.png Grand Kingdom of Urguan
Fenn Tundrak Banner.png Princedom of Fenn
House Silverblade
Commanders and leaders
Kingdom of Oren and Allies:
CarrionCOA.png King Heinrik Carrion
CarrionCOA.png Lord Marshal Ailred Ruthern
Abner Rahl
Tiberius Flay
Grand Kingdom of Urguan and Allies:
Urguan Emblem.png Grand King Indago Stormhammer
Urguan Emblem.png Grand Marshal Zahrer Irongrinder
Urguan Emblem.png Igor Ireheart
Fenn Tundrak Banner.png Prince Aelthir Tundrak


After the defeat at Shadowcastle, the dwarves of Urguan routes back to their lands in the south in the city of Kal'Ithrun. With the rebellion crushed and the Orenian victory the Kingdom decided to march south to the Nation's Crossing. When the Orenians arrived they encountered the dwarven fort Thoringrad guardian the bridge


The battle started when Oren began firing upon the fortress with trebuchets and ballistas. The dwarves returned fire with both sides having little success until a traitorous dwarf opened up the gates for an Orenian charge. The dwarves alive on the battlements retreated into the main keep where they held the gate until the main keep began to crumble. The dwarves retreated into the lower bunkers beneath the fortress and waited below. Suddenly the ground opened above the dwarves however, after a boulder laced with dark magic landed above the bunker. The dwarves were routed into their tunnels and retreated to fort Indagolaf.


This loss caused the dwarves to retreat to the last fort before their capital Kal'Ithrun. The dwarves soon began digging trenches as well as the Orenians and a long series of battles in skirmishes were fought along this front.