Siege of San'Kala

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Siege of San'Kala
Part of Third Atlas Coalition War
Siege of San'Kala.jpg
Siege of San'Kala, 1690
Date: 12th of the Sun's Smile, 1690
Location: San'Kala, Wonkawoods
Result: Imperial Alliance Victory
Preceded by: Siege of Nordengrad
Followed by: Siege of Arberrang
The Alliance:
Empire of Man.png Empire of Man
Haense Arms.png Kingdom of Haense
xGr0D1a.png Kingdom of Gladewynn
Anti-Empire Coaliton:
norland.png Kingdom of Norland
KRUGMARFLAG.png War Nation of Krugmar
Kaz'Ulrah.png Kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah
ArberrangGallic.png Arberrang
Commanders and leaders
The Alliance:
Empire of Man.png Aurelius I, Emperor of Man
Empire of Man.png Prince Cassius Horen
Haense Arms.png Robert I, King of Haense
xGr0D1a.png King Kairn Ithelanen
The Anti-Empire Coalition:
norland.png Torsten I, King of Norland
KRUGMARFLAG.png Rex Guruuk'Lak
Kaz'Ulrah.png High King Thoak Goldhand
ArberrangGallic.png Gwion Gallic
ArberrangGallic.png Ingvildr Skarpefanger
ArberrangGallic.png Karyssmov Faroe
The Alliance:
13,000 Infantry, 2,800 Archers
Anti-Empire Coalition:
7,000 Infantry, 1,000 Archers
The Alliance::
4,000 Dead or Missing
Anti-Empire Coalition:
6,000 Dead or Missing


The War Nation of Krugmar once again breached the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Gladewynn much as they did years earlier when reaving, raiding and ravaging the former Dominion of Malin. As a result of this increased aggression, the King Kairn Ithelanen declared war on Krugmar for spilling Elven blood in organized attacks on the Capital. Soon after, Prince Cassius Horen of the Empire of Man visited an envoy of the Prince of Alders and established a lasting alliance for the duration of the Third Atlas Coalition War. Henceforth, the Empire of Man and Kingdom of Gladewynn marched together to put San'Kala to the sword.


The King Kairn Ithelanen of Gladewynn marched his Chirran through the desert to meet with the Imperial Renatian Legion and combine forces. Battle lines were drawn and Cassius Horen led the assault on the city after the Elven and Human soldiers were marshaled in a war camp outside of San'Kala. Siege equipment and arrows were in no short supply, purchased from the Empire by Gladewynn in preparation for the siege; volley after volley was launched over the high walls to little avail. A small Coalition scouting party was encountered and mercilessly slaughtered by the Imperials while the men clambered up to the top of the siege ladders.

Soon afterward, a hole was blasted into the mountain by means of heavy fire from trebuchets. Prince Cassius and Ser Daniel led the bulk of the Alliance's forces into the City of San'Kala's walls. Heavy casualties were inflicted on the invading force and elves and men alike were sent skidding in the dirt from the defenders' arrows. The Legion and Chirran crouched low and held their shields up before feebly moving forwards shielded from arrow fire. The Empire, Haense and Gladewynn remained staunch in their opposition crossing the burning grounds for the last gate into the fortress.

The monstrosity of a tower claimed many lives that day. It loomed overhead, over the vast expanse of the center of San'Kala where Orcish huts and shamble towns once lay; the gate was almost sundered apart from the staggering might of a battering ram before it had swung open amidst the fray, the defenders convinced that they could take out invaders by the droves in one fell swoop. This proved to be the deciding moment of the battle and the invaders roared and charged only to be met with the cold steel of the gate striking the ground - a brave man screaming and latching onto the gate inside with pitched fervor.

The gate remained pried open halfway and the Legion and Chirran entered the fortress to put it to the torch. Orc, Nord and Arrberang Rebel alike were slain as waves of black-clad soldiers in plate rushed the steps and the harrowing shouts and clanging of metal filled the dusty air. Thusly ended the Siege of San'Kala, the territory passing again into the hands of Gladewynn almost twenty years after it had been returned to the Orcs of the Black Horde who broke their oaths to rejoin the Iron Uzg.


  • The City of San'Kala is annexed into the Barrowlands territory of the Kingdom of Gladewynn.
  • Orcs and other defenders who did not flee from the settlement following the sack were publicly executed.