Siege of Ashwood

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Siege of Ashwood
Part of the Staunton Uprising
Siege of Ashwood, 1669
Date: 19th of the Grand Harvest, 1669
Location: Nevaria
Result: Renatian Victory
renatus.png Crown of Renatus-Marna
Santegia Greater Arms.png Kingdom of Santegia
DominionSeal.png Dominion of Malin
reiter.png The Black Reiter Company
KRUGMARFLAG.png War Nation of Krugmar
GhanyahCoat.png Chieftaincy of Ghanyah
tempardencoatofarms.png Duchy of Nevaria
Confedearation.png Confederation of Hammers
Reiver Crest.png Reivers
Commanders and leaders
Crown of Renatus-Marna and Allies:
renatus.png Aurelius I, King of Renatus-Marna
renatus.png Charles Elliot Horen
Santegia Greater Arms.png Achilius I, King of Santegia
DominionSeal.png High Prince Kairn Ithelanen
KRUGMARFLAG.png Rex Leydluk'Raguk
GhanyahCoat.pngNegus Juumane M'Baku
Duchy of Nevaria and Allies:
tempardencoatofarms.png Richard I, Duke of Nevaria
Confedearation.png Council of Hammers
Lord Jon of Small Tower
Crown of Renatus-Marna
10,000 Infantry, 3,000 Archers
Duchy of Nevaria:
700 Infantry, 800 Archers
Crown of Renauts-Marna:
~500 Dead or missing
Duchy of Nevaria:
~1,300 Dead of missing

The Siege of Ashwood was a major battle fought between the Duchy of Nevaria and the Crown of Renatus-Marna during the Staunton Uprising, this battle was seen as the finishing blow to the Anti-Renatian Coaliton having the Renatian Alliance fully expel all rebels from their lands.