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The next and hopefully final instance of a Shop Plugin of LotC. This plugin provides the best parts of the Aegis text system, where you can easily browse multiple items. It also provides the best part of Asulon showcases, proffering a compelling way to make your shops visual


Showcase-based shops that can be created by Gold VIP and higher. Display your items safely, and optionally sell them High degree of control in pricing and maximum store amounts Custom items support

How to buy/sell from a shop

The display to use a shop is rather simple. When you find a slab with an item floating over it, simply right click it. When you do that, you will receive a list of the items being sold, up to 5 different items, the price that the shop sells/buys the item, and the amount it currently has. To buy the item simply chose the item slot if there is more than one item selling, and then chose how much you want to buy. Careful that if you check two slabs without typing 'cancel' in between, you will receive a message saying you are busy. If you receive this message and want to buy a designated item, type 'cancel' and repeat, or you risk buying an item you do not want.

Quick summary

Right click slab

Chose item

Chose how much you are buying/selling

Shop Commands




How to create a shop

First you will need a chest and some slaps, as well as being a Gold VIP or up.

Step One: place down the chest be smart where you place it, your slabs to show good have to be within a 10 blocks range of this.

Step Two: place the items you want to sell/buy into the chest.

Step Three: now we will enter the shop building mode by using one of the commands so type /sb or any of the other commands

Step Four: right click the chest you will get a message now you don't need to use a / in your commands now just type it in fast and confirm.

Step Five: if you typed yes you now have made a chest shop next step is to place a slab with in the 10 block range of the chest

Step Six: right click and answer the questions just like before you don't need to use / in the command

Step Seven: now just left click on an item in the chest and answer the questions again

Step Eight: if you are finished now remember to use /sb to exit shop mod.

Now a link to a guide that explains more and has pictures