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The Medri Negasi of Seyam

More commonly referred to as 'Seyam', this independent Southeron settlement is located in the hot desert region of the Korvassa on the continent of Arcas. Itss capital, the Rajdom of Thyra, has been referred to previously as the ‘Jewel of the Desert’ and is currently the largest and undoubtedly most illustrious city within the Korvassan desert. It is currently ruled by the Suldaan of the Southeron and Seyam, Erasto I. Seyam currently employs a ‘Consulate Monarchy’ as its inherit form of government, - which means that the monarch who rules it can be checked by the Jassinissa. The Jassinissa is a council of Seyami nobility who can, though a rarity, declare oversight on the monarch.

As for the language, the native citizens of Seyam are accustomed to a rather unique and ancient vernacular within their illustrious city; Ghanwua is more commonly referred to as 'True Southernos'. Due to the winds of time, the use of Ghanwua has become rare in everyday dialect, and is more used for important documents, or addressing the regal house. It can be confusing at times; since Murhara is to be used with a curtsy or a bow before a person of high importance', while Murha is to be used with a wave before normal people.

As for the people; Seyam is predominately made up of the Southeron people, and in total comprises of 60% Southeron, 35% Other Farfolkian, and 5% Elven. The main exports of Seyam are textile, glass, agriculture, medicine, sand, and venom; serpents being a culturally important animal within the nation, such that many civilians take up the art of farming such serpents for their venom and pristine scales; unfortunately, many have been injured due to this. All in all, however, Seyami medicine has adapted to be especially adept in treating venomous wounds.

Notable Information & Places List of players able to assist
  • Suldaan of the Southeron and Seyam
The current Suldaan of the Southeron and Seyam, and leader, is Erasto I.
Contact: Southeron & Southeron#6468
  • Enderase
An Enderase is second-in-command, and deals with diplomancy. This is fulfilled by Melesse.
Contact: Kribbitz & kribbitz#8675
  • Dejazmach
The Dejazmach is in charge of all military affairs; this role is occupied by Kiros.
Contact: Appie__ & Appie#3768
  • Taezzaz
The Taezzaz has a special role in jurisdiction, and is vacant.
Contact: N/A

Notable Locations

  • Soumaorguru
The Soumaorguru is the city hall of Seyam, containing the banker, the auctioneer, and the tax office.
  • Thyran Maktaba
The Thyran Maktaba is the national library of Seyam, containing the books and other mediums of knowledge for the nation.
  • Nejeat Mescit
The Nejeat Mescit is the national place of worship of Seyam, shaped similarly to a theatre - where the Jyoists convene.

Peak Times:  3 pm EST seems to be a standard time, as our main member count comes from the Americas and Eastern Europe. Work and schooling especially makes this an ideal period.
Culture and Religion Seyam is a successor state to the former Rasdom of Melle. The people of Seyam are haughty. Their nobles cherish grand titles to domains that were lost a hundred years ago, and every peasant farmer in the realm can claim relation to some long-vanished prince. The griots of Seyam are renowned for the depth of their memories and grace of their art. The cities of Seyam are famed for their massive walls and exquisite stonework, and the Seyami are proud of their heritage of art and beautiful craftsmanship.

Much was learned from the people they came into contact with during their time wandering, but since their history with foreign nations have been fraught with conflict the Seyami have sought to elaborate upon their own tastes and fashion marvelous works of masonry and wrought metal. The king of Seyam is called the Suldaan, and the current Suldaan is a young upstart with a chip on his shoulder. The Seyami are proud, but their pride does not always match their purse. Some families have slumped into ruin over the generations as they lost the lands they once depended upon. The commoners who remain are weighted with heavier and heavier taxes and find themselves driven by need to seek life elsewhere. The Seyami are slim-featured, tall, and coarse-haired, with skin the color of polished mahogany. Environmental factors encourage Seyami - both male and female - to dress less than modestly, usually opting to dress moderately in more spiritual settings such as a Mescit; however, those of higher classes tend to use more expensive fabrics.

Their religion, on the other hand, is more like Canonism. Called Jyoism, this apostolic religion believes that the sun is the embodiment of their god, otherwise known as Alaha. Along with this belief comes with five principal virtues that each follower must achieve to reach paradise; otherwise known as Semayata. These five virtues are known as the following, Amr-bil-Maroof and Nahil Anil Munkar, Adura, Idanimọ, and finally, Jehad. More about their religion can be learned about in-game, or read about in the Jyoist Church of Thyra.