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Erwin Bishop
Erwin Bishop3.png
Born: 21 S.A, Karosgrad, Kingdom of Haense
Died: 63 S.A, Providence, Holy Orenian Empire
House: House of Bishop
Spouse: Adelina Bishop (M. 39 S.A)
Father: Henry Bishop
Mother: Victoria Bishop
Children: 7
Wars fought: The Nachezer War
The Haeseni-Haelun'orian War
The Sutican Civil War
The Battle of The Rhein
The Urguani-Orenian War
Battle of Stone Tower
Siege of Southbridge
Sacking of Stone Tower
Battle of Karosgrad
Battle of Lower Petra

Ser Erwin Gottfried Bishop, also known as Erwin of Avoria or Erwin the Headhunter, is the eldest son of Henry Bishop and is a Knight of the Haeseni Order of the Crow. Born in 21 S.A, he enlisted into the BSK at the age of 13 after being granted permission by his Father to join the military despite being three years under the required age to join. Erwin, despite currently holding no noble titles, made family history when in the year 51 S.A, he was knighted by Sigismund III of Haense and became Ser Erwin the Headhunter. He was later captured and killed by the Holy Orenian Empire during the Urguani-Orenian War

Early Life

Erwin was born as the firstborn son of Henry Bishop and his wife, Victoria Sawer, within Karosgrad. Erwin's upbringing was relatively private for the first ten years of his life, as at first the young Erwin was relatively shy and stayed within the Family's estate in Reinmar. However, as Erwin grew into his teenage years, he became more sociable and spent more time in the public. Specifically, he would primarily spend his time within the City of Karosgrad where he would often watch his Father participate in the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. It was this admiration of his Father and the BSK that would eventually lead the young Erwin to plead with his Father to allow him to join the Military, despite being only thirteen. After many months of asking and pestering his Father, Henry relented and granted his son permission to enlist early, knowing that he could keep an eye on him.

Erwin's time in karosgrad, saw him travelling to the prikaz most out of any place, mainly the library, where he would spend hours upon hours within his various journals. He could also be seen within the duma hall for hours, dreaming of the days when he would sit in the red and brown seats himself. He also made regular trips to the Haense Basilica, where he would dedicate most of his writings to God, and eventually where he would meet his wife, Adelina Bishop. His time was also widely spent building connections and his reputation within the populous. Knowing that he would one day inherit the duty of leading his house, he made every attempt to start building his family's assets as soon as he was able.


Too soon, however his father Henry Bishop passed away due to heart failure and passed the duty of becoming Patriarch of House Bishop to his son at the age of only 19, only 3 hours after the birth of his grand-daughter, Helena Bishop.

Notable Events

• 1834: At the age of 13, Erwin went on a hunt to earn the title of 'oathedman' within the Brotherhood of Saint Karl. This ended in him decapitating a bear while riding on its back after a jump from an elevated hillside.

• 1835: At the age of 14, Erwin volunteered himself to be a clerk for His Majesty's Royal Duma, introducing him to haenseni politics and piquing his interest in that subject.


Name Birth Death Marriage
Helena Bishop 20th of The First Seed, 40 S.A Alive Married Firstborn child of Erwin Bishop and Adelina Bishop.
Ariovistan Devan Bishop 10th of Malin's Welcome, 45 S.A Alive Married Secondborn child of Erwin and Adelina Bishop, twin of Cassio.
Cassio Bishop 10th of Malin's Welcome, 45 S.A Alive Unmarried Thirdborn child of Erwin and Adelina Bishop, twin of Aristovan.
Omori Bishop 8th of the Deep Cold, 49 S.A Alive Unmarried Adopted child of Erwin and Adelina Bishop
Charelle Claire Bishop 5th of the Amber Cold, 50 S.A Alive Unmarried Fourthborn child of Erwin and Adelina Bishop, triplet of Samuel and Ernest.
Samuel Feodor Bishop 5th of the Amber Cold, 50 S.A Alive Unmarried Fifthborn child of Erwin and Adelina Bishop, triplet of Charelle and Ernest.
Elias Henry Bishop 5th of the Amber Cold, 50 S.A Alive Unmarried Sixthborn child of Erwin and Adelina Bishop, triplet of Charelle and Samuel.