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* Second Siege of Vasiland - Haeseni Victory
* Second Siege of Vasiland - Haeseni Victory
* Assault of Metterden - Haeseni Victory
* Assault of Metterden - Haeseni Victory
Notable Deaths:
* [[Amelya Valeriya of Haense|Princess Amelya Barbanov]]
* Princess Arianne Helvets of Kaedrin
* Lady Karolina Barclay
* Lord Aleksandr Vanir
* Ser Björnolf Stjörn
* Juan de Ponce de Lyons
Scyfling Leaders:
Scyfling Leaders:

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  • Siege of Valwyck - Haeseni Victory
  • Battle of the North Sea - Stalemate
  • First Siege of Vasiland - Scyfling Victory
  • Storming of Fort Buck - Scyfling Victory
  • Second Siege of Vasiland - Haeseni Victory
  • Assault of Metterden - Haeseni Victory

Scyfling Leaders:

  • Bralt the Boar
  • Yva Stoneguard
  • Luvir Ironrain ✝
  • The Vile Tooter (until 1769)
  • Ago Stonespear ✝
  • Taro the Tower ✝

Haense Leaders:

  • Sigismund II of Haense
  • Viktoria of Metterden
  • Prince Nikolas Stefan Barbanov, Duke of Alban
  • Lord Palatine Peter Baruch, Duke of Valwyck
  • Lord Marshal Erwin Barclay, Duke of Reinmar
  • Prince Otto Rupert Barbanov, Duke of Galahar
  • Godfric I Alimar, Grand Prince of Muldav ✝
  • Josef II Alimar, Grand Prince of Muldav
  • Brandon Vanir, Margrave of Vasiland
  • Alaric Stafyr, Count of Nenzing
  • Ser Robin Kartyr, Knight Paramount ✝
  • Ser Erik Othaman
  • Lazlo Korsakov, Governor of Johnstown ✝
  • Sir Lauritz Christiansen


  • 1753:
    • The Haeseni expedition returns from Athera, stories of their adventures spread throughout the Kingdom.
  • 1765:
    • News of a Scyfling fleet arrives in Reza. King Sigismund II orders the construction of a defensive fort to guard the coasts of the Kingdom.
  • 1768:
    • Bralt the Boar arrives at the Northeastern coast of Haense, and his siege of Valwyck is repulsed.
    • The Haeseni begin a counter attack, launching a naval attack to destroy the Scyfling fleet in the bay.
    • Scyfling survivors of the previous battle sneak through and capture Vasiland. Margrave Brandon escapes, but his wife, son, and kinsman Aleksandr are killed.
  • 1769:
    • Bolstered by their victory at Vasiland, Scyflings turn to the North and occupy the lightly defended Fort Buck.
    • The evacuation of the North of the Kingdom begins, with all Haeseni urged to retreat to Reza for safety.
    • Scyfling scouts engage in small skirmishes with Haeseni patrols.
    • The Vile Tooter defects, but his betrayal is met with an assassination attempt by Luvir Ironrain. The Haeseni sent to protect him are forced back to Metterden, where they defeat Luvir with the help of the Hounds of Johnstown.
  • 1770:
    • A joint Haeseni-Johnstown siege of Vasiland begins. Initial attempts to quickly assault and take the keep fail, and a Scyfling relief force arrives to join to defenders in the castle.
    • The Haeseni surround the fortress, deciding to perform a conventional siege of the castle.
  • 1771:
    • A year long siege ends when the Haeseni assault the fortress again. Bombardment fails, but well placed siege ladders permit the Haeseni to climb onto the walls and retake the castle.
    • The Scyflings attempt a two-wave assault on Metterden, but are beaten off by Haeseni defenders.
    • The Haeseni launch an attack on a Scyfling camp to rescue Lauritz Christiansen, who had been captured during an earlier expedition. The attack is successful and the camp is destroyed.