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This lore has been shelved and is not used on the server anymore. This page exists purely for archival reasons.


Mighty War beasts, having been used by the Orcs for hundreds of years to siege cities. Even for Orcs, the ability to tame such has been nearly impossible. Their natural aggressive nature and hate for all things other than themselves makes them unsuitable mounts. Many stories exist of them tearing their victims a part in a matter of seconds, though citings have been shown that a Scaddernack enjoys slowly tearing apart its prey.


Huge, dark creatures that resemble a mix of spider and scorpion with eight legs and a giant pincer. They stand at least at 20 feet, though most are even larger. They bear two claws, each larger than an orc and possess the strength to destroy forts and cities. It is usually black or sandy coloured. Known Scaddernaks

Lurgoi - Scaddernak of the Lur clan, tamed by Ber'lur and given to Craotor. Took a bite out of Fort Krug when it got hungry. It was brought to Asulon on the Mighty Orcish Boat and it resided inside Strigzgoi for a small while until it feasted upon a hut, it was then moved to the Lur Camp and it is in a slumber there until someone awakes it.

The Previous Scaddernak of Ber'lur, now belongs to Craotor.

The Kar'ak Scorpion - A pre-historic, rogue breed of Scaddernack, previously thought to be extinct. Possibly the last of it's kind. Slain by great warrior Tythor.