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Sanjezal, a former capital of the War Uzg, was the home of the the many descendants of Krug, the Orcs in Vailor.


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Sanjezal's structures spired forth from the swirling sands of the desert its inhabitants thrived in, a barren desert full of various malicious creatures and sandstorms. The only flora evident across the land was the occasional cactus peeking from its sand, though a more varied scape of life appeared as you approached its boat from the dock, travelling along a river near their desert, grasslands and various trees sprouting around the Orc's source of water and travel.


Culture amongst Orcs arises from their constant warfare, warsongs created from victories, idols for their Spirits for blessings in their hunts and battles, all providing to the fierceness of their civilization.


Arts, other than those drawn from warfare, are scarce and uncommon amongst the Orcish clans; their focus is almost completely consumed by matters of war and hunting.


Because much of Orcish literature is preserved through oral tradition, it was believed that no written records remain from Sanjezal. However, Shamans have actually managed to maintain a number of records from this period in Orcish literature.


The only music rising from Sanjezal was the beating of war drums, and various mirthful songs reveling in the victory of war.


The majority of Orcs revere the Spirits, and follow the wisdom of their Shamans. Therefore, Shamanism is the dominant religious presence within Sanjezal, with random small clusters of Orcs occasionally following other faiths, much to the displeasure of the Uzg.

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