Sanctity of the Beard

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A Dwarf's beard is a gift from the Brathmordakin. It should be groomed and well cared for at all times.

The curses of Khorvad still hung in the still air when Anbella descended on Krug, Malin, Horen and Urguan. The four heroes were in awe as they watched her appear, falling to their knees. Anbella began to speak in a hushed voice. Every word she spoke seemed to fill the four with hope, each sweet sentence sounding like the haunting, bright melody of a harp. She reached out, touching Krug's head. The great and powerful warrior shook beneath her hand. Even he could not deny the power of the Brathmordakin. Anbella spoke to Krug, her voice caring and motherly. "Krug, you are a great warrior, and the Brathmordakin look with favour upon your strength and courage. Henceforth, you shall be strong and powerful unlike any other, a true soldier when it is necessary." With that, Anbella moved on, this time touching Malin's head. "Malin," the Hearth Mother said softly. "You long for nothing but peace, your heart affected heavily by violence. This peace you shall have, should you reside in the forests." Upon hearing these words, Malin smiled, crying out his thanks to Anbella. The Hearth Mother simply returned his smile, moving on to Horen. Anbella touched Horen's frail head, leaning in close to speak to him. "Horen," she said, "You wish to explore the Seven Skies. This wish shall one day be granted." Horen's eyes welled with tears as the Hearth Mother approached Urguan.

Anbella beamed as she looked upon the Father of The Dwarves. "Urguan," she smiled, "Brave and resilient. To you I grant the greatest gift of all." Urguan remained silent, his head bowed beneath the touch of the Hearth Mother. "You shall be strong of mind and heart, hardy enough to do battle with the forces of evil. But to you," she said, still smiling, "I grant yet another present." Urguan had begun to stand up, thinking his gifts had all been received. Upon hearing these words he knelt once again before Anbella. "To you," the Heart Mother continued, "I grant that which the Brathmordakin strive to achieve, that which Yemekar himself has." Urguan's eyes widened at this point. Anbella grinned, speaking again. "To you I grant the power to grow your beard long, to rival the beards of the Brathmordakin. Your descendants shall all have immense beards with which they shall be able to store their belongings, so very large they shall grow. However, make sure to treat your beard with the utmost respect, it is to become a symbol of your people, something which is revered and worshiped. If ever one of your descendants should remove or damage their beards, they must be punished, for this is the greatest of sins." Anbella then reached out, touching Urguan's chin, upon which a beard already grew. Suddenly, The Father of The Dwarves' beard grew to an enormous length, curling at the end. He often had to tuck it under his belt, for it was the mightiest beard ever seen on the mortal plane. He fell before Anbella, weeping words of thanks and praise for the Brathmordakin. And so, the Father of The Dwarves received the greatest beard ever seen before. His childrens' beards grew to impressive lengths after he had passed away, and in fact, the beards of all of his descendants. Urguan's people revered their beards as they had been asked, and punished anyone who mistreated their beards. The beard became a symbol of their people, as it still is to this day.