Sacking of Ves

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Sacking of Ves
Sacking of Ves, c.1710
Date: 15th of The Deep Cold, 1710
Location: Ves, Duchy of Adria, Empire of Man
Result: The Free City of Ves is burnt into ruins by the Imperial forces
Empire of Man:
Empire of Man.png Empire of Man
DevereuxCoatOfArms.png Kingdom of Curonia
Duchy of Adria:
BackgroundHaenseCoatBiggerCrown.png Duchy of Adria
Commanders and leaders
Empire of Man:
Empire of Man.png Antonius I, Emperor of Man
Empire of Man.png Prince Yury Horen
Empire of Man.png Ser Darius Ault
Empire of Man.png Ser Calculus de Sola
DevereuxCoatOfArms.png Jarrack I of Curonia
Duchy of Adria
Empire of Man:
2,500 Imperial Infantry, 1,000 Imperial Calvary, 500 Archers
Duchy of Adria:
800 Town milita, 500 Armed Citizens
Empire of Man:
190 dead or missing
Duchy of Adria:
700 dead or missing, 1,000 civilans dead


A few short days after citizens in the city of Ves reported seeing Prince Yury leading a raid against the townsfolk, the accused Prince was brought to trial before Emperor Antonius in the Imperial City of Helena. Many notable figures within the Empire were present, including the good King Marius II of Haense, and the King Wilhelm I of Curonia. Before the assembled lords, Prince Yury declared his innocence and accused some of the gathered Adrian lords of being undead and supporting Norlandic raiders against the Empire.

It was at this moment that the trial shifted towards these new allegations, and all the gathered Adrians were ordered to present themselves before the Emperor. Suddenly, the Adrians found themselves entrapped within the throne room, with Imperial crossbowmen loading their weapons. Despite King Marius’ pleas to spare the lives of his Adrian subjects, the Emperor sentenced them to death as punishment for their alleged treason. Many of the Adrians attempted to escape, but their horses were in the back of the city and they were cut down in the process. The Emperor then ordered his soldiers to march on the city of Ves, to the shock of Marius and the other present Haeseni lords. In order to avoid a civil war, and most likely to keep his own kingdom from burning, King Marius then made the decision not to protest the attack on Ves. The decision came as a shock to many, including the King’s family, and will arguably be considered one of the defining moments of Marius’ reign.




After the city was sacked, several attackers still swung by the city as its remains burned, searching for survivors and slaughtering them without remorse. Children screamed, families were torn apart, and those who managed to escape found themselves homeless. However, a handful of individuals did decide to assist the refugees. Many small settlements offered refuge as well. And so, the Ves citizens scattered. Some remained to later pick up the ashes after the dust had settled and began to slowly rebuild the city, though a large amount left.

After a few years, the city finished its rebuilding. However, even many, many decades later, the city has still not returned to its full former glory. The bustling and busy streets of Ves, constantly lined with people, the tavern filled with drinks and the markets stocked to the brim, is but a memory in the remaining far and few refugees' minds.