Robert II, Holy Orenian Emperor

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Robert II Henry
Holy Orenian Emperor
Reign: 1585-1585
Coronation: Uncrowned
Predecessor: John IV
Successor: Philip
Prince Leopold, Baron of Senntisten
Born: 11 Sun's Smile 1570
Johannesburg, Oren
House: Horen
Father: John III
Mother: Julia of Furnestock

Robert Henry, briefly known as Robert II (High Imperial: Robertus Henricus; Savoyard: Roberto Henrico; Hansetian: Robert Henrik) (11th of Sun's Smile, 1570 – unknown), of the House of Horen, was the fifth Holy Orenian Emperor of the Fifth Empire, most notable for his attempted parlay with King Andrew II of Haense before his abdication as a third Emperor in the Year of Four Emperors. Originally brought up to take the vocation of the cloth, he is known as the Monk for surrendering the throne to his younger brother and retreating into the cloisters.