Principality of Dreadlands

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The Dreadlands
The Dreadlands
Dreadlands Coat of Arms.png
“Blood for coin”
Capital: Vacant
Languages: Common
Religion: Church of Saint Augustus
Government: Hereditary absolute monarchy
Prince of the Dreadlands: Vacant

The Principality of the Dreadlands (Or The City State of Exul) was an independent bandit nation formed in the year 1549, following the end of the Eighteen Years' War. Initially created in Vailor as a safe-haven for criminals and bandit, the Principality was officialy established by Prince Danis Silverblade, accompanied by a large number of brigands and veterans of the Dunamis mercenary company. The Principality is most known for its support of multiple rebellions including the Krajian Rebellion and the Third Rurikid Uprising. Following its defeat in the Krajian Rebellion, the Principality was dissolved in the year 1574.



Following the discontinuation and scattering of many prestigious bandit lords and brigands, a host of houses once belonging to Lord Augustus Flay merged under one banner and inhabited the ruins of Old Fenn. This band of outlaws was soon organized, and christened ‘the Dreadlands’. Many flocked to these lands for riches and glory under the exalted Danis Revlis, who had been crowned as Prince Denis Silverblade. The Church of Saint Augustus would establish a church in their seat of Exul, openly praying to their late Lord. Even followers of the old House of Romstun would find their place in the Principality, further bolstering the numbers of the Dreadlands.

The Principality gained international fame when they decided to support the House of Ruric in their Third Rurikid Uprising against the Holy Orenian Empire. The Imperial victory at the Battle of Dogger Bay destroyed the Rurikid fleet and allowed the Empire to besiege the city of Seahelm. Another swift Imperial capture of the city forced many Norlandic refugees into the Principality. With the new influx of refugees, the Dreadlands expanded and the new capital of Sera was constructed. The Rurics heavily increased the Dreadlandic population, but some argue that it is their fault that the Principality's warriors grew lazy and unskilled.

The Principality also remained neutral for the first few battles of the Riga War, but following Courland's secession from the Holy Orenian Empire, the Principality would provide assistance to their cause in what became known as the Krajian Rebellion. Prince Danis had dissapeared for over two years and a civil war broke out within the Principality. A cunning lord by the name of Thire had weaselled his way into claiming the Dread Crown and had placed himself as the Prince of the Dreadlands. Lorelai Manslayer rose up in opposition to the usurper and was swiftly defeated in the halls of Exul. Thire spearheaded the formation of the Southern Axis Powers during this war, forming a mighty coalition to fight against the Empire. Due to a Carnatian coup d'etat, Courland was stripped of its land, forcing Courlandic refugees into the Riverlands.


The Principality followed the rest of the races into Axios in the year 1571. By this point in time, the Rurics had grown influential enough to become some of Prince Danis' top advisers. After arriving on Axios, they settled in Asul where they continued their war against the Holy Orenian Empire. They expanded on Asul, with a fort being the main capital. After a few years of fighting, Emperor John III planned a full scale invasion on the Dreadlandic mainland. Prince Danis left the Dreadlands shortly into the colonization and passed the crown to a prestigious Vilachian Chieftain.


The Dreadlands are a haven for bandits and exiles, choosing to live under the protection of a united army of cutthroats. Whilst there is no official laws there is however a code of honour set by the Prince. All citizens living under the roof of the Prince are obliged to uphold and preserve the honour code. They have the mere task of dealing with fools who might disgrace it.

Code of Honour

I. Every man shall obey civil command; the Prince shall have one full share and a half of all prizes.

II. If any man shall offer to run away, or keep any secret from the Dreadlands, he shall be bound and thrown into a pit of snakes.

III. If any man shall steal any thing in the Dreadlands, or game, to the value of 500 minas he shall be banished or thrown into a pit of snakes.

IV. That man that shall refuse or disobey command, shall receive Princes’ Law (that is, the branding of the flayed man) on the left side of his neck.

V. That man that shall attack or betray his brothers, shall be put to death, flayed alive then drawn and quartered.

VI. Should a man not keep his weapons clean and, fit for an engagement, or neglect his business, shall be cut off from his share, and suffer such other punishment as the Prince thinks fit.

VII. If any man shall lose a joint in time of an engagement, shall have 400 minas ; if a limb, 800 minas.


  • Blessed Plate of St. Augustus

The last known set of blessed plate forged during the days of Athera and worn by the followers of Saint Augustus, Croesus Letholdus now wears this hallowed suit of armor. Said to be the toughest armor ever worn, it emits a dull red glow and is christened by many war scars.

  • The Dread Crown

The Dread Crown was an item held by Ex-Blackmont Sergeant Xander Romstun. It was passed over to Danis Silverblade and once told to have been worn by Augustus in the battle of the Dreadfort. This crown is passed on to whomever the next ruler of the Dreadlands, it is not always passed down through a bloodline, it’s the choice of the previous crowned ruler to determine the next ruler, whether it be one of his blood or a new worthy Outlaw.

  • Chivay Shoulder Crusher

A warhammer once wielded by the powerful and prestigious brigand James Romstun. Infamous for his heel spinning fighting stance, perfecting the ancient technique “The Chuckaboo Whirlwind”. This warhammer was used in many battles and once said to have crushed the shoulder of Robert Chivay. Now belongs to Porky Romstun.

  • The Grand Wizord’s Staff

A intricate carved oak staff once owned by Blindo the Wizord, now under the possession of Benedict Chapman. Carved into the side of the staff is the phrase, “Get captoed”.

  • The Dunamian Digger

The Dunamian Digger, the heavy carbarum spade smithed by Reign Silverblade for only one purpose. To kill and then burry all the enemies of his family. Was used during the Siege of Dunamis Fort by Richard Revlis. Now it is held by Danis Silverblade, making sure that the weapon is still used to protect the family.


Humans made up the majority of the Dreadlands while the Elven population of the Dreadlands started to decrease over the years.

  • Dreadlanders

A people of martial strength and admirable courage, the Dreadlanders were men and women of Human and Elven race. They were skilled with a sword and were infamous for many damaging raids on the Capital City of Felsen. Dreadlanders worshipped the Church of Saint Augustus led by the Crimson Priest Mylas. On the last few years of Vailor, the remaining men of the Dreadlands left and went into private service for noble lords.

  • Riverlanders

Also known as Norlanders, these men and women fled from war and inhabited the Riverlands of Exul. Their de facto capital was Seru and it was surrounded by many prosperous villages. Thomas Ruric had full autonomous reign over the men and women of the Riverlands and so operated a don system, each don presiding over a town or village.

The Honoured Houses

  • House Flay
  • House Ruthern
  • House Letholdus
  • House Silverblade
  • House Greymane
  • House Carrion
  • House Romstun
  • House Thurgar
  • House Baelish
  • House Chapman


The Dreadlands in Vailor was established in the ruins of Old Fenn.

The Dreadlands in Axios was located in the central plains of Asul, bordering the Sultanate of Haria to the north, and the War Uzg to the distant south. The Warhawkes settlement of Riv'Vallel was once located to the west of the plains, with the capital Vilachia to the east. For most of the Dreadland's history on Asul, its main base of operation was Fort Dunamis, located in the centre of the Dreadland's plain.