Prince Henry Richard

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Prince Henry Richard
Henry Richard.png
Prince of Evereux
Reign: 1615-17XX
Coronation: Uncrowned
Predecessor: Joseph I
Successor: Abdes de Savin (Title disputed)
Born: 13th of the Suns Smile, 1611, Aleksandria, Courland
House: Staunton
Father: Joseph Staunton
Mother: Marie Therese d'Amaury

Early life

Henry Richard was born Heir-Apparent to the Crown of Courland and its subsidiary titles. He was tutored by the finest the Kingdom had to offer in areas such as Statecraft, Stewardship, Warfare, Chivalry, Etiquette, Theology and Philosophy. He grew up in the bustling capital city of Aleksandria with his elder sister Charlotte, younger sister Alexandra, and two younger brothers, Alexander and Humphrey.

His father, King Joseph I disappeared one day, all that was left was a document stating that he had abdicated and dissolved the Kingdom of Courland in the year 1615 due to reasons unknown, establishing the Principality of Evreux in its stead. With his father missing, a regent was appointed as Henry was only five years of age.

In the year 1617, rebellion broke out between The Principality of Evreux and two of its vassals, the Duchy of Savinia and the Barony of Castrov. They had attempted a coup, killing Henry’s uncle, Prince Frederick Baden, Arch-Chancellor and Count of Trier. Henry fled with several of his family members to a safe house established by his father in an unknown location where his tutelage continued.


Not much is know of Henry’s teenage years. He appeared in the year 1632, aged twenty-one, in the Holy Orenian Empire, whereby chance encounter, was reunited with his uncle Charles who had acquired a manor. Shortly after, he ventured to the newly established, independent Duchy of Curon, led by his uncle Charles, otherwise known at this point as Karl d’Evereux.