Prince Edward, Margrave of Chanik

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Prince of Bihar
Born: 4th of the Winter's Maiden, 1645
, Haense
Death: Deceased;Unknown
Spouse: Irena of Carrenhall
House: Barbanov
Father: Robert-Sigismund, Prince of Bihar
Mother: Caterina of Metterden

Edward-Audemar Barbanov (Born 1645) was a Prince of House Barbanov, a younger sibling to King Sigmar I, and a renown Lord Seneschal of Hanseti-Ruska.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Josef, Red Prince of Muldav 13th of the Sun's Smile, 1683 5th of the Amber Cold, 1721 Aleksandra, Red Princess of Muldav Legitimate firstborn of Edward and Irena; The co-founder of the House of Alimar
Princess Katerina Barbanov-Alimar 1688 Missing Ewan Vallberg, Baron of Vrakai Secondborn child of Edward and Irena.
Prince Godfric Barbanov-Alimar 1690 1720 Unwed Thirdborn of Edward and Irena. Tortured and later executed alongside his brother, Georg, in the War of Two Emperorsz
Prince Otto Barbanov-Alimar 1691 1764 Ambrosia Grimaldi Fourthborn of Edward and Irena. Grand Prince of Muldav after a succession crisis with the House of Alimar during the Rubern War.
Georg Barbanov-Alimar 1692 1720 Unwed Youngest of Edward and Irena. Tortured and executed during the War of Two Emperors.