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Peralien Maelstorm
Baroness of Maelstorm-Róża
Rule: 78 SA - 79 SA
Predecessor: Title Created
Successor: Title Abolished
Lord Protector of Rozania (Disputed)
Rule: 77 SA - 82 SA
Predecessor: Position Created
Other Claimant: Lord Uhtred Mösu
Grandmaster of the Jackalope Order
Rule: 49 SA - Present
Predecessor: Jackalope Knight
Successor: Still Ruling
Gwaithor of the Pinemaw Domain
Rule: 61 SA - 70 SA
Predecessor: Position Created
Successor: Axilya
1st Countess of Pinemaw
Rule: 47 SA - 61 SA
Predecessor: Title Created
Successor: Title Abolished
Knight of the Jackalope
3rd Marshall of the KAR
Commanding: 44 SA - 47 SA
Predecessor: William Buckfort
Successor: Nadia Buckfort
Princess of Vortice
Title Held: 25 SA - 30 SA
Monarch: Vivian Maelstorm
Born: Year 1752 of the First Era, Lareh'thilln, Silver State, Arcas.
Died: Alive
House: House of Maelstorm
Father: Sylvain Majin (Adoptive)
Mother: Vivian Maelstorm (Adoptive)
Spouse: Lord Uhtred Mösu m. 78 SA div. 78 SA



Peralien Maelstorm-Aurelius was born in the Silver State in the year of 1752 of the First Age, with the knowledge of who biological her father was unknown. She then left the Silver State when she got older, walking the Arcas Wildlands until discovering Old Hyspia, where she lived as an honorary citizen until the downfall of Arcas. She then traveled to County of Osanora in Early Almaris and became a councilor there - until she was told to 'get out' by the Count. She then traveled to Vortice and was adopted by the then Sovereign of Vortice Vivian Maelstorm. However, she was then disowned a few years later for some troubles. After such, she went back to the Silver State for a short while before finally finding her home in Rozania, where she then became a Knight of Rozania and eventually the Marshall of the KAR, Rozania's military. However, with the frequent raids by the Mareno, she fled to Urguan and formed the Barony of Pinemaw



Peralien Mirthsense was born in 1752 FA, in the Silver State, sadly short after her birth her mother developed a fever and lost the vision in her eyes. As Peralien grew up she would be constantly hit by her mother Corinna due to her belief that Peralien being born was the reason she was blind.

With no father figure in her family, nothing was preventing such abuse by her mother. This ruined Peralien's attitude towards other people during her childhood, with her being seen as a brat because of her outbursts that were inflicted by her mother. However, her mother being blind also gave Peralien the freedom to do whatever she pleased without fear of being seen by Corinna.

Peralien left the Silver State as quickly as she could when she came to the age of 19, not even bothering to care for her blind mother and what she saw as unjustified abuse. Peralien desired a liberated and free life and went to go to the Arcas Wildlands. This ends her childhood.



Peralien was not known for much during her time in the Arcas Wildlands. Seen as just another person wanting to get away from the stress of living under the rule of a place. However, she did learn her practice and knowledge of basic Herblore during this timeframe. And tended to the infrastructure and dirt roads of the Wildlands. Seeing them in a terrible and tragic state of disrepair.

It was more than 20 years after she moved to the Wildlands that she rejoined a society. With that society being Old Hyspia, even so, she didn't see herself as a citizen of such despite the fact she was given the title of 'Honorary Citizen' for her job in building a bridge and path of the hill that the area lived on. And her subsequent spraining of her arms when falling off of the bridge she constructed.

Peralien discovered her first relationship in Hyspia, Pedro Gonzalez. She was given permission to marry, unfortunately, Pedro committed an act of regicide against the King of Hyspia at the time, Cesar I. And with this, she was given Antonio I and was told to go to Helena and find someone to protect him in the Hyspians fears that Antonio would be murdered as well. Her acts of trying to find and re-connect with Pedro were futile as Arcas was dying and everyone on the Isles was trying to leave on a boat for Almaris.

Peralien for an unknown reason took the Haelun'orian boat to Almaris, and for her entire time on that boat, she was mocked for her height.


When Peralien arrived on Almaris she immediately headed for the Free State of Sutica. Which she purchased a house. But soon after she saw and gained interest in Osanora, moving there. It was a few years after she arrived in Almaris that she was offered to learn Water Evocation by an Old Lady all because she helped them make sure they wouldn't fall off a dock into the water. She took that offer with reluctance and began learning the Voidal Arts. But unfortunately, her having to deal with other matters caused her to not be able to have many lessons, and eventually lose contact with the Old Lady entirely.

When Osanora was announced to be a vassal of Sutica, Peralien took interest in it. Helping design the blueprints for the city. And helping to build the city as well. For her work, she was given a seat on the Osanoran Council. But there were not many matters to deal with, both internally and externally. Peralien would eventually be accused of attempting to murder another Council Member, at which point the Osanoran Count Felipe De Medina got fed up and fired both her and the person who she was claimed to attempt to kill. Carlos Mendez. She would take this opportunity to move to Vortice, as a civilian.

Upon arrival to Vortice, Peralien would use this time to get into more mercantilism, however, she would still hold a minor governmental position in the County of Selestia until it was dissolved. After it dissolved she would spend all of her time working on being a merchant. With this, she reached profits up to two thousand minae. However, she was also known throughout Vortice as a 'lovable idiot' which would get Vivian Maelstorm interested in her. Which would lead to Vivian adopting Peralien.

Everything was okay for a time. Until one event, where Peralien insulted a Haense Royal, Otto August, not once but twice. Otto August would turn this into Peralien insulting the entire Haense-Ruskan Royal Crown. Which would lead Haense to issue a demand to Vortice to surrender Peralien. Which would result in her banishment.

After Peralien's exile from Vortice, likely in hiding until Haense gave up. She would move to the Duchy of Rozania, and with this she signed up for its military, seeking to rebuild her life. However, a few years into Rozania's creation the Oisin's Rebellion would occur. Although she only fought in the last battle, the Sacking of Róża she was wounded, and the hatred for Principality of Sedan, which aided the Oisin's Rebellion would grow to the point that she considered to respark the entire war just to get revenge on the massacre that took place by their hands.

A few years after Oisin's Rebellion and a change of leadership Peralien would be appointed as the Marshal of the KAR. With unfinished plans to coup Rozania and start a Military Junta that was decided was impossible to happen she decided it would be best to abandon ship, and left Rozania to form Pinemaw, in Urguan.

Pinemaw was formed during a time of rapid expansion in Urguan. The land was selected easily and the town was constructed within two years. It would start as the Barony of Pinemaw with Peralien as the first Baroness. She brought with her some of the people from Rozania. However soon she met a woman named Morana Daesmon, and within a span of a few years they were married, making Morana her consort. The Barony of Pinemaw was soon elevated to the title of a County, forming the County of Pinemaw, and giving Peralien and Morana the title of Countess and Countess-Consort respectfully.

When the War between Urguan and Oren kicked off, Peralien was captured three times. The first time she signed a denouncement of Urguan where she secretly hid a message in said denouncement that said "fuck you Oren." The second time she was to fight to the death with a Ferryman, it wasn't even close and she was set free. However the third time she was offered land in the Imperial Elfdom, and cheaper taxes than the ones in Urguan, she decided to take this option.

It appears that by now her loyalty to any nation is questionable, considering the fact that she just changed sides in a war without any second thought. This would cause Old Pinemaw to be razed, although what's concerning is that she herself supported the action.


In the Imperial Elfdom called the Ebonwood, she and her people were granted a charter of the land, which was called the Pinemaw Domain. It was thought that she would finally settle down, but shortly after her joining the Ebonwood, she ignited the Maelstormic Claim on Vortice, where she aided James Maelstorm, her nephew on his claim to the Vortisican throne to try to coup their government. It backfired and she finally had to withdraw from it. However, her actions in it enraged Minuvas, who was the Princeps of the Ebonwood, and ordered her tried in court and for the Pinemaw Domain to be dissolved. She ran off before she could be captured, and a failed rebellion called the Pinemaw Uprising occurred.

With her now wanted in most nations, she fled to Fenn, and later the Southern Isle. There she would encounter the Duchy of Redclyf, and she would offer its Duke the Rozanian Crown. But not even a full saint-week afterward, she took away the Rozanian Crown from him, which was then taken back after a summit by the Aesirs and Rzads of the duchy of Redclyf-Rozania and its allies which would make her be declared a traitor by Redclyf-Rozania and the south, and with that, she went into hiding.


Two years later, Peralien would return to Almaris, it appeared that during her disappearance she was in Aeldin in hiding. And immediately after returning, she would be drafted by the Princedom of Fenn to fight in the Malinor-Horde War, she accepted, now viewing that instead of the Silver State being her homeland, it was Fenn.

View on Religion

Having been born and raised under the Silver State and its atheistic government, Peralien had no belief in god, viewing it as something that people used as an excuse to explain the unexplainable. Her atheistic viewpoint remained for decades, however, her view of being theistic was slowly gaining ground.

Peralien has been urged to find faith in Canonism for the majority of her life, each time she has been urged she has considered following a faith more and more, seeing how there are occult and strange entities that not even science can explain.

It was not until around 93 SA however, that Peralien finally whole-heartedly believed in Canonism and its beliefs. However, she does not believe in the authority of the Church of the Canon, instead believing in a break-away Sect called the True Faith.


Offered funds and weaponry towards Red Hyspia

Served in the Sacking of Róża, where the entire Loyalist Rozanian force was obliterated, she was captured by a Savoyardic Knight and tortured and ended up having her ankles completely shattered, only to be healed by a Paladin after she was left for dead by the Savoyards on the roads.

First fought for Urguan in the Siege of Southbridge, but was later convinced to join Oren after being offered better terms and tax rates for the territory she controlled. She then fought in the Battle of Lower Petra, burned down Urguani Pinemaw, and then fought in the Siege of Haverlock all for Oren.

Convinced by her nephew James Maelstorm to aid him in his attempt to overthrow Vortice, where she led the Maelstormic Forces in an effort to raid the Vortisican Capital, and later decapitate the government, however, due to the fact that they could not penetrate past the Vortice gates, they achieved none of those goals. And after she would trick James Maelstorm by betraying him to Vortice in exchange for everyone else involved in the War to get a pardon. James Maelstorm would later kill himself upon realizing that he had been tricked.

Attempted revolt against the Ebonwood to gain autonomy. No battle took place on either side and it concluded by Ebonwood being dissolved during the Brothers' War. Thus leaving no target to fight.

Joined the Silver Hands Mercenary Company, which later took part in the Orc-Elysium War on behalf of Krugmar, she would partake in both in Operation: Shut In, and the Battle of the Western Road, however, she would never be paid for her service in the Mercenary Company, making her later regret her service in the war.

Voluntarily drafted by Princedom of Fenn to fight against Krugmar, she would partake in The Battle of Karimir Mountain, where the Orc Force was ultimately devastated in a quick and short fashion.

( ) = Which side Peralien was on

Titles, Styles, and Honors

  • 1814-1826: The Princess of Vortice, Peralien Maelstorm Vortice Crest.png
  • 1835-Present: Knife of Rozania, Peralien Maevisal Sarissa.png
  • 1838-Present: Dame of the Jackalope Order, The Chaotic, Defender of the Rozanian Realm, The Pumpkin of Rozania, Peralien Maevisal Sarissa.png
  • 1840-1843: 3rd Marshall of the KAR, Peralien Maevisal Sarissa.png
  • 1843–1852: The Baroness of Pinemaw, The Murderer, Peralien Maelstorm-Daesmon BaronyPinemaw.png
  • 1845?–Present: Grandmaster of the Jackalope Order, Peralien Maelstorm Sarissa.png
  • 1852–1857: The Countess of Pinemaw, The Murderer, Peralien Maelstorm-Daesmon BaronyPinemaw.png
  • 1857–1866: 1st Gwaithor of the Pinemaw Domain, Traitor of Urguan (Self-Styled) Peralien Maelstorm-Lyu'Taliyna EbonwoodPinemaw.png
  • 1873–1875: Lord-Protector of Rozania, Peralien Maelstorm Sarissa.png
  • 1874–1875: Baroness of Maelstorm-Róża, Peralien Maelstorm Sarissa.png


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Crystal Maevisal 10 SA Missing Unknown Adopted Daughter of Peralien Maelstorm, adopted around the age of 10, went missing during Pinemaw's founding. Disowned.
Haleth Maevisal 20 SA 37 SA Unwed Adopted Son of Peralien Maelstorm, Haleth was adopted at age 15. Hanged for attempted murder in the Sarissa Camp.
Tiyan Maelstorm 28 SA Missing Unwed Daughter of Peralien Maelstorm and Methas Shaw. Kidnapped shortly after birth by William Buckfort, never returned.
Simon Maelstorm 28 SA 28 SA Unwed Son of Peralien Maelstorm and Methas Shaw, Twin of Tiyan, died shortly after birth.
Dayenna Zohar 43 SA Alive Andora Zohar Adoptive Daughter of Peralien Maelstorm and Morana Daesmon.
Taevas Daesmon 47 SA Dead Unwed Adoptive Son of Peralien Maelstorm and Morana Daesmon. Stabbed Dayenna.
Niamh Maelstorm 75 SA Alive Unwed Adoptive Daughter of Peralien Maelstorm, adopted at age 9.