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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

A few small burrows within the village, screenshots by Chorale.
An overhead shot of Pendlemere, coordinates are x: 2584.446 and z: 494.408.
Located northwest of Metz


Founded in the year of 1613, in the Isles of Axios - Pendlemere was a halfling village that extended their hospitality to all halflings alike. A few people within the halfling community banded together to create a hopefully more successful, and active settlement. They were in a need of land to build their village on, of course, therefore; they sought out Lorraine, which opened their arms wide to them and gave them a small piece of land just northwest of their Capital, Metz.

Location events

Pendlemere had festivals from time-to-time, where they invited not only halflings but anyone who chose to attend. They had things from pie eating contests to simply hanging around the lake and drinking, playing darts or smoking.


The village sat just northwest of Lorraine.


Pendlemere didn't have a single leader. Instead they were lead by sheriffs, deputies, and elders. Three elders ran the village and maintained all of its events. Elections were held for all three positions. There was traditionally one sheriff and one deputy as well.