Paul de Montfort

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Baron of Eastcliffe
Reign: 1463-1499
Predecessor: Title Created
Successor: Tobia Sarkozic
Born: 21st of the Great Cold, 1443, New Abresi, Oren
Died: 19th of the Great Cold, 1499 (aged 56), Montfort, Eastcliffe
Spouse: Emma Vladov
House: Carrion
Father: Ostromir Carrion
Mother: Isabella Horen

Paul Sarkozic Carrion (21st of the Great Cold, 1443 – 19th of the Great Cold, 1499) was the Baron of Eastcliffe

The Baron of Eastcliffe, Paul var Otto was the third son of King Otto I and the Lady Horen. An extremely successful business entrepreneur he was the second richest man in Athera during his time, Paul took control of the fertile Amaurian valley and secured an alliance between himself and his distant Vladovic cozs with himself and Emma Vladov. Paul is most known for, however, his organization of the first Canonist League, in conflict against the Schismatic forces. After the Schism War Paul found peace within small Eastcliffe, passing peacefully as his titles passed to the child Tobia.

His second son, Edmond would later be elected as High Pontiff Everard II