Otto I of Renatus

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Otto I
King of Renatus
Reign: 1449-1458
Coronation: 2nd of the Deep Cold, 1449
Predecessor: Silus Horen
Successor: Ostromir II of Oren (As King of Oren)
Chancellors: Maric Varodyr
King of Salvus
Reign: 1453-1458
Preceded by: Aron Bedevere
Succeeded by: Title Abolished
Grand Duke of Kaedrin
Reign: 1449-1458
Preceded by: Peter I of Kaedrin (as King of Kaedrin)
Succeeded by: Ostromir II of Oren
Born: 15rd of the Sun's Smile, 1410, Kralta, Oren
Died: 10th of the Grand Harvest, 1468 (aged 58), Kvaz, Oren
Spouse: Isabelle Horen
House: Carrion
Father: Sigismund Carrion
Mother: Helaine de Sarkozy

Ostromir Sarkozic Carrion, known regally as Otto I of Renatus and Salvus or Otto the Terrible, (15rd of the Sun's Smile, 1449 – 10th of the Deep Cold, 1458) was the King of Renatus and King of Salvus holding both titles in a dual union, until his presumed assassination at the hands of Sophia Horen in 1458. He was known as the absolute ruler of Renatus and Salvus with no direct vassals after he put all former vassals to death with the help of Tuvya Carrion in an event known as "The Purge", for this he is known in history as "the Terrible" for his brutality and competence.


While war raged on only a handful of miles away, Helaine de Sarkozy was giving birth to her first son; Ostromir I ‘the Terrible’. Born as Teutonic siege fire ravaged the Dreadfort with King Peter Chivay and Marquess Sigismund Carrion planning the sally of the Dreadhost, Ostromir’s childhood was one marked with intense political pressure and warfare. Pampered and groomed to be heir of the Carrion Vochna, “Otto” attained a haughty and wrathful nature fit for a prince.

He began his rise to power when he usurped Silus Horen and wedded Isabelle Horen, with later the height of his power reaching its zenith when he inherited the Kingdom of Salvus as a dual union under his crown, extending his reach to half of the Human world. Ostromir successfully brought Carrion absolutism to Renatus, after purging the noble houses of Renatus on his father's command as he became the first absolute ruler of Renatus and Salvus.

Ostromir is remembered for his immense brutality and ability to execute his father's plans with utmost efficiency. “The Lord and Bastard o' 'Bresi” is sang in his and Tuvya’s honor, for when he and Tuv cast the corrupt bourgeois of Renatus to exile. However, when two of his children were kidnapped by agents of the Sophia Rebellion, he was blackmailed into faking his own death and abandoning his post as King. He returned decades later in the Fringe when his sons were safely ransomed, where he ruled over the sleepy fief of Kvaz. He died of natural causes, and sired seven children; Ostromir II, Godferik, Pavl, Sigmunda, Victor with his wife, Isabella Horen, and Siguine and Joren, two bastards with Caterina Horen.


The King of Renatus in Atlas, Canonius Horen, is a direct descendent of Ostromir through his son, Victor Sarkozic, Count of Owynswood.