Otto I of Haense

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Otto I
otto I.jpg
King of Hanseti-Ruska
Reign: 7 Amber Cold 1624 - 12 Amber Cold 1624
Coronation: N/A
Predecessor: Stephen I
Successor: Otto II
Palatine of the Realm: Prince Henry Otto, Count of Bihar
Born: 23 Malin's Welcome 1584
Ottosgrad, Haense
Died: 13 Great Harvest 1627 (aged 43)
Alban, Haense
Spouse: Catherine of Carnatia
Issue: Otto II
Prince Siegmar
Princess Isabel
Princess Elizaveta
Princess Kamila
House: Barbanov
Father: Andrew II of Haense
Mother: Reza Elizaveta of Turov

Otto, known regally as Otto I of Haense (High Imperial: Otto; Hansetian: Otto) was the sixth King of Hanseti and Ruska of the House of Barbanov, ruling for five days before abdicating to his eldest son, Otto II.

Life & Reign

Most of Otto's life he spent his time in service to the crown as Prince and commandant, fighting nearly every war since his brother took the throne. After the failure of the Great Northern War, Otto was forced into exile where he would later spend most of the time as an outlaw soldier raiding the new occupier's settlements along with supply trains. During the Greyspine Rebellion he joined the County of Metterden in their rebellion against the Kingdom of Courland, who had won the Great Northern War.

After the war was over, the Orenian Empire was reformed along with the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska where he commanded the Haenseti calvary during the Imperial wars until its dissolvement. Otto would later take the throne after the death of his nephew ruling for five days where he maintained the peace within the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska before his abdication handing the throne to his eldest son, Otto II.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Otto II 23 Deep Cold 1601 9 Grand Harvest 1644 Eleanor of Lotharingia Firstborn son of Otto and Catherine. Successor of Otto I.
Sigmar Otto Barbanov 1603 1671 Odette of Drusco Secondborn son of Otto and Catherine.
Isabel Reza Barbanov Princess Royal 1604 1645 Elias Colborn Firstborn Daughter to Otto and Catherine.
Elizaveta Juliya Barbanov 1606 1665 John of Westerwald Secondborn Daughter to Otto and Catherine.