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circle info req sam.png This page contains information about a character that has been or is still played by a member of the LotC community. Please keep this in mind as you proceed reading.
Librarian of the Library of Dragur
Predecessor: Title created
Successor: Lyeth
Born: Sometime in 951
Died: 13th of Malin's Welcome, 1571 (aged 620)
The Intelligent are those that acquire knowledge. The Wise are those that know why we do it. -Orithur

Orithur, also known as David Karlem, was a librarian, scholar, inventor, philosopher, Paladin, and a Harbinger noted for founding the Grand Library of Dragur. He was played by Wretched.


Little is known of Orithur's early years; but he was once known as David Karlem, an impure High Elf. Cast out from whatever city the High Elves were using at the time, he was adopted by the Order of the Golden Lance, and was named by them. After proving his worth as a Paladin, he was one of the ill-fated eight sent with the aforementioned Golden Lance to slay the Drakaar Setherien. Setherien proved more than a match for the paladins, corrupting them and enslaving them to his will, turning them into Harbingers.

Whilst one of Setherien's Dark Lieutenants, Orithur was renowned as a voice of reason among the Harbingers. He also possessed the Gorloth Staff at some point, making use of its power to create Gorloths such as Aeon.

With Setherien's defeat, a wandering, weakened, suicidal Orithur happened to come across Aedrex, a Dragaar. Together they founded the Library of Dragur, which was at first a highly secretive organization dedicated to collecting knowledge. Come Vailor, the destruction of the old, hidden library, and Aedrex's departure, Orithur decided to turn the Grand Library into a public organization, providing knowledge to all those who would seek it.

Following Setherien's defeat and death, the power that Harbingers sustained on waned dramatically. They only survived on the last remnants of Setherien's power, imbued in his Bloodshards—which would soon run out. After attempting suicide at least once, Orithur set out to fix the problem; and deep in the Thanhic laboratories of the Library of Dragur, he succeeded. Utilizing the mana conversion properties of Thanhic armor, Orithur managed to contrive a system that would preserve the immolated souls of the Harbingers with Thanhic mana substituting for Setherien's power. Immediately after this, he doled out sets of such Thanhic armor to whatever Harbingers remained.

However, this was not the end of Orithur's struggles. As the Library's popularity grew, so too did its struggles; following a rash of crimes committed towards the Library, Orithur became enraged. The deeply-ingrained, destructiveness-inclined side of his Harbinger personality emerged, and the cries of the innocent fell on deaf ears as he attacked Scholars and Patrons alike before being temporarily killed. Not soon after this incident, a large company of heavily armored holy mages descended upon the Library, demanding that Orithur come with them. He complied peacefully. They took him with them to the settlement of Leone, the home of the Paladin and Clerical orders at the time. After much debate and discussion, they gave him an enchanted amulet which he was to wear at all times; it successfully prevented any more 'relapses'.

Orithur would soon come to leave behind the Library and his position following more crimes and an Inquisition directed towards the Library; never again would he hold the post of Librarian. Wandering once more, he came across a large arch, deactivated at the time. It activated with a rush of air as he approached, and Orithur entered, only for it to deactivate once more behind him. He had found Mordring's Gate, and was now trapped in the Sunless Sanctum.

Now stranded in the Abyss, the Elder Wraith floated around, talking to its inhabitants. He had many conversations with some of the more important residents, those being Mordring and the Paver. He chronicled these experiences, publishing them as the sixth book in his series, 'Orithur's Studies'.

As time went on, and Mordring's Gate re-opened, Orithur discovered an Altar of Dawn within the Sunless Sanctum, used to create Wraiths. He activated it in front of many prominent dark mages and creatures who had gathered; all present learned of its capabilities and uses. Orithur then took it upon himself to create more Wraiths to bring back the Dragons, which he saw as a race of magnificent, wise creatures. Using an Immolated Catalyst gifted to him by Mordring, he managed to turn the Ghoul Expiravit into a Wraith; however, Orithur's pursuits were about to come to an end.

In the last days of Vailor, as the continent began to succumb to Orgon's taint, Orithur met his final doom. For reasons known only to himself, he challenged Herun Athna, the Keeper of the Paladins who had slain Setherien, to a duel. Obviously, he wasn't successful; Orithur only managed to land a single hit on Herun, before being permanently slain. There is a golden monument to him in front of the Library of Dragur.